Donkey dream dictionary


Donkey dream dictionary

Donkey – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Simplicity, – robustness. Question: – Where in my life I can express my strength more directly?


The donkey is to be equated in the dream, differently than in expressions of the colloquial language, not with the stupidity. He stands rather for vitality, sexual strength, as well as ‘low’ instincts and desires, but also for patience, modesty and humility or carelessness (Eselei), – this arises from the respective concrete life situation. This meaning finds her origin in the Greek mythology in which the donkey seems as a companion of the God of the immortal vitality. According to the accompanying circumstances in the dream one can derive the following meanings:

  • donkey can see to point out to spiritual sluggishness which one should overcome.
  • in the dream on a donkey indicates to ride that the dreaming controls his Triebhaftigkeit.
  • a stubborn donkey says that one still has to carry for a while in a package which one has loaded involuntarily on himself. It can be a physical one as well as a mental load. The donkey often asks to have patience, to hope for better days.
  • of loaded donkeys or ride on the animal often registers that one will achieve an aim only slowly and laboriously.
  • donkey should buy to more thrift, frugality and modesty admonish.
  • donkey can feed announce that one will harvest ingratitude for his strains.
  • donkey hit points after old dream books to a thoughtless, emotionally cold character.
  • donkey shouting expresses travesty and mockery of the others about own strains which will remain futile.
  • to Artemidoros tells a load-weight-bearing donkey to see that a load is taken by us.


Workhorses and beasts of burden embody worker and subordinates. The donkeys who carry a load her driver obey, are healthy and quickly dahintraben, are in view of a marriage and community of good premeaning, – then apart from the fact that wife and partner are not demanding, both will submit wide-willing and mean it well. Also to other plans they promise because of the name Success (onos = donkey and onosthai = profit), – they mean profit in the running enterprises and joy at it, – then they are so got drunk to the most pleasant demon, the Silen (educator of the Dionysos, glatzköpfig, mostly that he could not run, but rode on a donkey.) holy. In view of dangers and fears they bring rescue, because of the story which one tells of them (As which gods in the fight with the giants lay, there appeared Dionysos with his suite of Silenen and Satyrn which rode on donkeys. The latter hunted the giants in the escape by her shouting. Lukian tells in the ‘true stories’ (1,17) about the warlike collision of the Phaethon and Endymion. This occurred, after one would have raised the field signs put on and the donkeys which one helped himself instead of the trumpets on both sides her shouting.), and because of the phrase handling in the vernacular. With regard to travelling they indicate big security, nevertheless, cause because of her sluggish step of delays and Stockungen. The wild donkey means hostility with a thoughtless and quite common guy, – then he is a family-related with the donkey.



  • The interpretation of the donkey admits a multiple regulation, mostly he means the destiny of the person.
  • Dreaming one, he sits down on a she-ass, he will become happy by a woman, he mounts a donkey, shows the face also to his talent, – also to him the luck will be lovely to such an extent as he steers the donkey and can be steered this, – the donkey is black, the luck will give to him sounding coin if knows, luck and impetus to woman and children are due.
  • Buying or gets as a gift somebody a donkey and leads he him without opposing in his house, he will find mercy with God and pile up wealth in his house, as well as he also led the donkey easily in the house.
  • Finding somebody a donkey who has got free and takes him, he will take an unexpected pleasure.
  • milk of a she-ass drink prophesied heavy illness, but not the death.
  • Leading somebody a donkey loaded with load in his house, he will make according to his load his luck, distant wealth and joy have, – the animal carries no load, he will throw bitterness and fear of himself.
  • Dreaming one, his donkey has perished, he himself will soon die.
  • Falling he of the donkey, he will become desperately poor.
  • milk of a wild she-ass to drink rise, but also illness promises.
  • Seeming it one, he leads a donkey in a cord and this follows him willing, will follow him according to his obedience also the luck.
  • Dreaming one, he has a she-ass and this perishes, will die his woman become impoverished he itself.
  • his donkey breaks down, he will become poor in such a way that him is not to be helped any more, so little like the donkey is still to be helped.
  • donkey meat to find or to eat profit, but also illness tells in, depending on whether one has eaten a lot of or few meat.
  • Bringing of a donkey dung in his house, he will come into money according to his amount without strain.
  • Finding the skin of a foreign donkey and he knows his owner, he will be heir to this, he does not know him, become unexpectedly rich.
  • meat of the wild donkey to eat prophesies a big name and property.
  • he will lose

  • Seeming it to one as if the tail is cut off to his donkey, provided that he is in office and dignity, both, he is rich, losses in his income suffer.
  • Looking somebody, how his donkey loaded with loads slips and falls in the mud, he will have illness and need at home, – however, the donkey gets up from the mud again and he further trots, he will throw need and illness of himself and catch new optimism.
  • Dreaming one, he owns a she-ass and boy throws this, will double his property, he himself make career, – he is married, his woman will give the life to a son.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he gets as a gift from somebody donkey, will unexpectedly be given him a joy according to the strong growth of the donkeys, – one brings him wild donkey, he will get shortly a glad message and rich presents of foreign people because the wild donkey is a quick animal. If it seems to him that his donkeys perish, he interprets it as a distress and death of his followers. Donkeys mean the destiny of the person, – everything for each what they bring to the person, good or bad person, will come true in him.
  • see: watch out for public mockery, – discord,
  • on the pasture: if means quarrel and quarrel,
  • see running: Quarrel with simple-minded people,
  • shop: your follies will ruin you, – you will have to economise,
  • ride on it: by your public appearance you will soon harvest incommodities, – one should take before arrogance in eight, – luck and prosperity,
  • float: slow progress and laborious way.
  • torment by blows: you will treat your victim barbarically,
  • hit: you are stonyhearted against yours,
  • hear neighing: your trouble is in vain,
  • feed: you act to an unworthy good,
  • stubborn bring under control: one has got to recognise himself,
  • load with loads: one has himself in if a lot of work shortens to expect.


  • The animal stands for the love and sexuality of the dreaming and is to be seen in narrow linking with the other symbols of the same dream. In principle the dreaming should better pay attention to his dear life and sexual life, because many of his discontents and mood, stand also fears and worries herewith in narrow connection.

(European ones).:

  • sign of the patience which one can span, because one either is held for silly or has silly friends,
  • see: one can overcome many difficulties with patience and advises the perseverance, – also means discord, – news or deliveries is delayed,
  • see white one: symbolises sure and persistent prosperity which enables to one to concern itself completely with the hobbies, – a young woman this promises, the long-expected access to a certain social class,
  • one see running: if hardship tells in,
  • lead one in the halter: every situation master and win some women’s heart, – lead one: Care, the good nature is used shamelessly,
  • more obediently: the luck in the love will be on your side,
  • one will have to fight for the love of the Selected one hard,
  • ride on one: if an unexpected mishap registers, – one will reach only slowly to the aim, – also: Travelling in distant countries and to hardly accessible places,
  • deny to ride on one: superfluous set-tos stand possibly in the house,
  • ride other on him: thin inheritance and laborious life stands out,
  • several worthy old men on donkeys see riding: the Christian in one rebels against the shameless selfishness, and one will start thinking about his rights and duties towards the people,
  • if children on donkeys ride: signalled health and obedience of the little ones,
  • of him fall or are thrown down: Bad luck and disappointment in worldly things is to be expected, – lovers will argue and distinguish possibly,
  • are pursued by one and are afraid: Victims of a scandal can become,
  • a donkey knocks out

  • after: stick to wrongful connections which introduce fear of betrayal,
  • nothing but

  • are kicked by one: Damage by own fault,
  • hit one: if cruelty means against his members,
  • hear shouting: defamation of character, – vain trouble and work, – also: Loss of a friend,
  • his call sounds melancholy into the night: the death of a being close person is confined to one of tiresome duties and brings wealth,
  • he shouts

  • to one in the face: an unprincipled contemporary will accuse to one before all public,
  • feed one: one acts to an unworthy good,
  • a hardly loaded load donkey: Patience will be recompensed,
  • steer donkey carts: all strength must raise to repulse a desperation attack of the opponents, – lovers should take before underhand person in eight,
  • go in a carriage horse-drawn with donkeys: one falls under influence too much under careless people, – one surrounds himself over and over again with the wrong people and can be clamped for their purposes and aims,
  • drink donkey milk: give way to strange cravings, even if one thereby neglects important duties,
  • observe a foreign donkey in own garden: points to a forthcoming inheritance,
  • buy one or get as a gift: about a high position in the occupation or in the society may be glad, – also: Single ones find a like-minded partner,
  • of dead donkeys: stands for the desire of vice-like excesses.

(ind.): see loading: you will reach very slowly to the aim, –

  • ride on him: you will slowly come to the aim,
  • shop: you must learn to save if should be provided for your old days, because you are alone and no one will look after you.

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