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A dream about a doctor

A doctor in dreams can signify the need to deal with illness in waking life, to take care of yourself and your well-being.

Doctors usually appear in dreams when you are experiencing some health disorder or your treatment is coming to an end.


Treatment here should be understood very broadly, it also means “curing” problems and overcoming the difficulties of everyday life.

A dream about doctors also suggests that you take care of your health.

Dreambook doctor

Examination (medical consultation)

A dream in which you consult a doctor indicates that you hope to finally find a solution to your problems.

You are looking for help and the best solutions. Bring things to a conclusion.

A doctor is dressing a wound

If in a dream a doctor finds a hidden wound, it is a symbol of an unjust act, it is also a sign that you have suffered from a loved one or a superior.


The dreamer suggests that the dream can also mean that someone is suffering because of you. You should “heal” these wounds in others and yourself.

Another meaning of the dream may suggest your ability to offer support to others.

To talk to a doctor

The dream that you are talking to a doctor means that you will be rewarded for your dedication at work. You may also get a promotion and improve your social status.

To call a doctor

The dream informs you that you will make changes to your routine. You will need time to reorganize everything and get used to your new lifestyle.

You don’t have to be afraid of what is about to happen, everything will be fine. Try to be flexible.

A dream that someone calls a doctor to you means that this person likes you very much and wishes you the best.

Doctor in a white coat

A dream about a doctor in a white outfit means a long and prosperous life. You will have a peaceful and stable financial life. However, be careful not to sideline the people important to you. Dedicate some time to them.

Doctor friend

A dream about a friend or family member wearing a doctor’s outfit represents an aspect of your personality that encourages others to make a positive difference.


It can also mean that the person will help you solve a problem.


A dream about a hospital means that you will settle some matters or favorably resolve something that has been bothering you. The dream may also mean that you are looking for help in solving your problems.

You will find people around you who are willing to help you.

Consilium (many doctors)

A dream about many doctors is information that you have a long and healthy life ahead of you. However, take care of yourself, and do not forget about prevention, diet, and activity. It’s also time to give up your addictions.

To fight with the doctor (argue with the doctor)

The dream is a testament to your strong personality. You are a person who stands up for your interests, beliefs, and positions. The dream also indicates that you will enjoy good health.

To be a doctor

If you were a doctor in your dream, you need to pay attention to your health. Talk to a doctor in real life, trust him, and follow his recommendations.

Another meaning of the dream suggests that you should take more care of others. Pay attention to the needs of loved ones and friends.

The dreambook also explains that a dream about being a doctor (especially a surgeon) foretells a successful career and a good salary for your work.


Marrying a doctor

If you dreamed of marrying a doctor, the dream is a prediction of a happy marriage. It can also herald a fairy-tale-like wedding, a dreamlike, glamorous one that will leave a great impression on your guests for a long time.


Family doctor

A dream about a family doctor indicates that you need to devote more time to the people you love. Someone close to your heart may need you very much.


A dream about a pediatrician doctor indicates that there is a problem dating back to your childhood. Another meaning of the dream suggests that you are afraid for your children, for their future.


A dream about a gynecologist means that there is something that you would rather not know about your health, that you are afraid of. It can also be a fear of pregnancy or fertility problems.


A dream about a cardiologist draws attention to your bad health. It may be related to real cardiac problems or fear of their appearance.

It’s worth getting your heart checked and changing your diet and maybe your lifestyle, even if the tests come out normal. The dream may also suggest that you are experiencing love problems in your waking life.


The dream foretells significant changes in your life.

A surgeon in a dream symbolizes the realization of emotional or physical changes that require patience or good organization. If you dream that a surgeon is operating on you, it means that you have secrets that you want to hide from your loved ones.


If in your dream you see a doctor operating on someone else it means that all your plans will be realized. You will easily overcome all obstacles.


If in a dream you saw a psychiatrist or took his advice, it means that someone close to you needs your support. Mental problems are not always immediately apparent, get closer to your loved ones.

Another meaning of the dream may suggest that you are overtired or even close to depression or a nervous breakdown. It is necessary to rest and seek help from a specialist.

Dream meaning: doctor

  • Examination (medical consultation) – you want to finally find a solution to your problems
  • Doctor dresses a wound – someone is suffering because of you
  • To talk to a doctor – you will be rewarded for your dedication and efforts
  • To call the doctor – you will make significant changes to your life
  • A doctor in a white coat – you will have a peaceful and stable financial life
  • Doctor friend – a friend will help you solve a problem
  • Hospital – you are looking for help in solving problems
  • Consilium (many doctors) – you have a long life ahead of you, however, take care of yourself
  • To fight with a doctor (argue with a doctor) – you defend your interests and beliefs
  • To be a doctor – pay attention to your health
  • Wedding with a doctor – your wedding will be like a fairy tale
  • Family doctor – devote more time to the people you love
  • Pediatrician – you are afraid for your children
  • Gynecologist – you are afraid of something
  • Cardiologist – take care of your heart
  • Surgeon – significant changes in your life are coming
  • Psychiatrist – someone needs your support

Doctor – mystical dreamer

In general, this symbol may signal that on waking you are in some difficult situation and looking for a way out of it, perhaps looking for someone who could give you meaningful advice.

  • If you see a doctor in your dream, it is a sign that you will soon have some health problems, but it should not be anything serious.
  • Talking to a doctor foreshadows that in the near future, your long-held hopes will come true, perhaps those you have long abandoned.
  • If you dream that you are watching a doctor take care of patients, it heralds the wedding of someone from your closest circle – family or friends.
  • When you are a doctor in your dream, it foreshadows that the efforts you are currently making to improve your bad economic situation will finally bring the result you want.
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