Dizziness dream dictionary


Dizziness dream dictionary

Dizziness – Dream Symbol Interpretation

  • insecurity in the public transport, – also: is not so credulous,
  • catch somebody at it: it is to fear that rumours about one are in the circulation,

(European ones).:

  • one will remove wrong rumours.


  • float: you will remove wrong rumours.

(See also deception) Dizzy spell


Dizzy spell originates partly body-partly with illnesses, an investigation should be soon arranged with the suspicion. However, often it shows that the internal balance is endangered, – the psychic riots arise from the concrete living conditions.




  • you has expected of you too much, – also: points to insecurity in the action.

(European ones).:

  • have: the domestic luck will pass and the shops stand under an unfavorable star, – one is very unsafe at the moment in all his actions, – announces a turning point in the life which will be good according to own action or bad, – for a woman: probably an engagement, – mostly means it a change.


  • feel: watch out for alcohol.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Dizziness

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