Disobedience dream dictionary


Disobedience dream dictionary

Disobedience – Dream Symbol Interpretation

In the positively experienced dream a symbol for the penetration of own freedom concept. In connection with a devastating dream action: One inclines to the irresponsibility.



  • of disobedience tells to dream that the dreaming soon faces to a problem which already, however, contains the solution. Everything is not so difficult as it seems. The sign recommends to express itself soon with a person of his trust and to consult concerning the other process manner. Otherwise the person concerned should look at the situation over and over again exactly during the coming days and act always accordingly. In general the signal would like to remind him of the fact that he is not able to avoid the established laws of the life. (Man



(European ones).:

  • be: a difficult choice lies before one, possibly in connection with a marriage ceremony.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Disobedience

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