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The dream about the disease should not be taken literally. Often, such a dream does not mean anything wrong and is not related to health.

Do not worry. If you saw a sick family member or someone you know in a dream, this is a sign of how to deal with various problems. And if you helped a sick person in a dream, be sure that you will cope with the issues.


Dream meaning disease, illness

You are sick

A dream in which you are sick does not mean that you will get sick. It means that you are in excellent health and are having a great time in your life.

A dream can also be related to your moral or mental situation. You have to be in good shape to achieve what you want so badly.

A dream also warns you to relax, rest, and think carefully about your decisions. And if in a dream you were old and sick, it means that you are worried about your health.

See someone sick

A dream where you see someone sick means that you and your family will face complex events. Issues with a loved one will make your life more complicated. Only joint action can facilitate the transition through this period.

This dream also alerts you to a turbulent time in your life. Keep calm and act wisely, and this period will pass quickly.

disease dream symbol

Help a sick person

To dream of helping a sick person means that you will be successful at work. Sleep also indicates victories in sports competitions. Success also promises to be successful in everyday life, especially where it is necessary to fight against other people’s hostility.


However, it would be best if you now had faith, effort, and determination to reach a happy ending.

Helping a sick person to dream can also indicate a fear of facing obstacles in your life.

Visit a sick person

A dream in which you visit a sick person means happiness for the person you saw and the need for reflection. Calling someone suffering in a dream is also associated with their physical and mental well-being.

Maybe something is bothering you, and you don’t accept it because you don’t understand what is happening. Just clear up all doubts. Dream can also mean that you are worried about the person you are visiting.

Mom’s disease

Such a dream means a problem that should be resolved immediately. Pay attention to the condition and appearance of the mother – depending on this. It can be concluded how the case will go, whether the solution will be quick or challenging to achieve. Talking to your sick mother tells you how to deal with the issue you are dealing with while you are awake.

Child’s disease

A dream about a child’s illness can be frightening, but it should be remembered that its interpretation should include all its details to relate it to the waking situation.

A sick child in a dream usually portends some concerns – their type and duration can be defined by analyzing the details of the sleep, e.g., if the child has a fever – this means that the issues will appear suddenly and will pass quickly, a change in the appearance of the child may symbolize changes in the waking life, and a severe illness – internal dilemmas and a feeling of powerlessness in a certain situation.

The disease of a loved one

Dreaming of a sick family member can be a warning to pay attention to your health. Try to have healthy eating habits and see your doctor regularly. It will give you more self-confidence.


Dream also represents your concern for the health of the asleep person. Your relationship is close, so you care a lot about it.

Friend’s disease

A dream about a sick friend means that you will gossip about him or involve him in some rumors or arrangements. If you remember who the dream friend is, it means that he needs some help. This is a signal for you not to leave him alone now.

disease in dream

Unknown disease

The meaning of the dream of a mysterious disease foreshadows incredible wealth. It means that luck will find you soon. It may concern various spheres of life, feelings, finances, or the fulfillment of dreams. A mysterious illness in a dream can also symbolize some secret that you are hiding.

This dream can also warn you to be wary of people you don’t know.

A rare disease

The dream suggests that you are indecisive. Your indecision causes stress and worry. This problem keeps you awake at night because you cannot make an important decision. You have to get out of this situation, make a breakthrough, ask for advice and move forward.

Deadly disease

Dreaming of a terminal illness indicates concerns that will arise in your life. They can be eliminated by changing habits and acting reasonably, decisively.

This type of dream is a reason to reflect on the life you lead and your daily habits. Try to do the best you can.

According to the dream book, a dream means that you feel insecure, weak, and start withdrawing from life. The meaning of dream is a warning in order not to let destructive emotions take over you and isolate you from the world.


Neoplastic disease (cancer)

The meaning of sleep may vary depending on how you feel while awake. If you think well, sleep suggests that you should take care of yourself, spend more time outdoors, play sports, and reduce stress.

If you get sick in real life, you feel any ailments, dream foretells a quick end to the disease or a significant improvement in your health.

A venereal disease

The STD dream alerts you against the effects of stress. It indicates that your emotional state requires reflection and consultation with a specialist.

Dream can also mean betrayal, bad energy, and being hurt by other people. Be careful with those around you, and don’t let yourself be pulled.

Skin disease

You are concerned about your future and make chaotic decisions. You have to find a balance in your life. Such a dream also foreshadows new possibilities, provided that old fears and fears do not obscure your actions.

Mental illness

Dreaming of being mentally ill means that you feel confused, unable to understand or get along. You felt misunderstood by those around you and rejected. You may also have misunderstood a message. However, these are only your feelings. Talk to someone close to you about your problems and try to express your intentions more clearly.

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Heart disease

The dream suggests that false people surround you. Don’t trust others too much, don’t confide in them. A dream informs you that even friends can become enemies and take advantage of some situation against you.

What Does Dreams about Disease, Illness Mean?

  • You are sick – you are having a great time in your life
  • You see someone sick – there will be trouble with a relative
  • You help the sick – you will be successful at work
  • You visit a sick person – clarify all doubts
  • Mom’s illness – a problem should be solved immediately
  • Child’s disease – changes in life await you
  • Illness of a loved one – take care of yourself
  • Friend’s disease – help a friend
  • Unknown disease – luck will find you soon
  • Rare disease – Your indecision causes stress and worry

Islam dream meaning – Disease

When you dream that you are sick, it may foreshadow family disagreements and quarrels with your loved ones that should happen shortly, and if you dream that you are sick. It is in line with your waking situation; it is a good sign because it announces that you will fully recover soon.


A history of illness in a dream heralds permanent health and excellent psychophysical condition.

  • Eye disease can mean that you have a real problem while you are in the proper judgment of your situation, and that is where most of your problems come from.
  • The skin disease symbolizes your complexes, lack of acceptance, and faith in your abilities, paralyzing you from acting.
  • If you dream of ear disease, you care too much about people’s opinions and are unable to accept even constructive criticism.
  • Heart disease means that you feel inner anxiety caused by a lack of love in your life and that you are afraid that you may never get it or that you miss your loved one.
  • When you dream of sick hands, it may signal that you cannot form a permanent relationship because you are too afraid of closeness, but you should attempt to overcome this fear and attempt to trust someone.
  • Sick legs mean that you feel insecure and lack the sense of stability that your loved ones could (and should) give you.
  • Chronic illness in your sleep means that when you are awake, you feel exhausted and discouraged by your hopeless situation and gray, monotonous life.

Dreams About Disease – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams of illness often appear in people who have recently experienced something like this – their illness or a loved one, or they are just experiencing it while awake.

Then the interpretation does not cause any problems, but if it does not concern us, the disease relates to our everyday life and matters with which we struggle.

When we dream of an illness, that dream can potentially have many meanings.

This may mean, for example, that while awake, perhaps only subconsciously, we are afraid that our health will soon deteriorate. In such situations, our suspicions are usually not unfounded, but, for example, we have been feeling unwell for a long time, although we may not be aware of it.

It can also herald disease for us, even if we think we are perfectly healthy, as our unconscious mind can often anticipate impending health issues. Most typically, however, a dream about an illness indicates our emotional issues with which we struggle while awake.

So if we dream that something is wrong with us, it is possible that while awake, we are experiencing some issues that cause internal emotional suffering.

We also need to pay attention to which part of our body is affected by the disease in our sleep and to detail such as our reaction to our state of the environment, our reaction, and behavior, such as whether we want to be with this are somehow to deal with whether we feel helpless or we approach everything indifferently and let ourselves be at the grace and disgrace of fate.


It is also essential whether someone helps us in our illness, whether we have whom to turn to because it will help us answer the question of who could help us deal with the problems we are waking up.

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