Dirt dream dictionary


Dirt dream dictionary

Dirt – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – in the negative sense: uncleanly, – in the positive sense: fertile. Question: – What must I clean (Be)? Which part of me wants to grow?

In general:

If the dreaming does not act after his own principles or he is brought by another person in a situation in which he feels compromised, he believes himself in his dream dirtily. Dirt often appears with feeling of inferiority and feelings of guilt if one feels as unsightly or immoral, – only one psychotherapy helps partly over it.



Every now and then the person in the dream is pointed out to the fact that he feels physically unwell if he is dirty. If the dreaming was stained by a person whom he knows, this refers to the fact that he should not trust to this person.


Bad and negative impulses are shown in the dream often as things or people who are dirty.



  • have round himself: ugly experiences, – one should escape from bad society,
  • see dirty clothes: one should check his state of health,
  • in the clothes: one slanders you,
  • in the hands: your plan brings you no honour,
  • hineintreten: Profit in the play,
  • hineinfallen: the living conditions will considerably get worse,
  • throw with it or are pelted: there threatens a hard discussion rich in intrigue,
  • wipe off: Work without profit.


  • a bad omen: Dirty clothes are a recommendation to check the state of health. In the dirt is to be fallen a signal for a considerable deterioration of the living conditions. With mud indicates to throw or to be pelted with the fact that a hard discussion rich in intrigue approaches. Quite in general the symbol wants to express that one can be carried away too easily. One should pay attention to his contact – and try to put through his own will more often. (Man


(European ones).:

  • tells an advantage or profit in, – in the life is still to be cleaned a lot if all smooth walking has to go,
  • see: meant a profit,
  • freshly scattered around flowers or trees around see: economic favorable and conducive conditions exist galore,
  • dirtied clothes: one must protect himself from contagious illnesses, – grief,
  • contains

  • itself gets dirty or be unwashed: if means illness,
  • are pelted with it: Enemies will undertake an attack on your personality,
  • look a little bit in it without finding it: one will endanger his situation by an unadvised enterprise,
  • find money in it: sends a reminder to the good preservation of the wallet before thieves,
  • hineintreten: if Widerwärtigkeiten tells in,
  • hineinfallen: Illness, misfortune, danger of the personal honour,
  • see somebody hineintreten: one will prepare unintentionally for another annoyance.


  • wade in it: big monetary profit, – big win in the lottery,
  • hineinfallen: Luck,
  • remove: bad society.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Dirt

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