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A dream about death destabilizes everyone, causes discomfort. Dreamers often wake up anxious or even frightened. Usually, however, such a dream symbolizes a moment of transition, the end of a certain stage and the beginning of something new.

The meaning of a dream about death depends on the context and what is happening in the dream. The dream can also be a confirmation of something that is happening in your life.


Dream Meaning Death

Own Death

A dream about your own death is a good sign. It means that you are entering a new phase of your life. Changes are coming. Be ready and open to them. Approach new possibilities with optimism.

Death of parents

A dream about the death of your parents is disturbing. However, if your parents are alive but you dreamed about their death, it means that there will be a significant change in your life. It is likely to affect your family life.

Death of a father

If your parents are dead, a dream about a dead father signals your lack of ability to make choices, the dreamer is also saying that the need to make a quick and significant change in your life, such as moving or making a major decision, has come.

Death of a mother

If your mother is dead, a dream about a dead mother indicates that your intuition is failing. It is also a sign of bad luck. Another meaning of the dream is that you need a sense of security. Think about what or who can provide it.

Death of a spouse (Wife, Husband)

The dream indicates that you have a problem with yourself. It is time to look for its causes and solve it.

Another meaning of the dream is that you may lose something important to you.


Death of a child

The dream explains the dream as a symbol of an inner struggle against adversity, such as addictions, bad habits, etc. It can also mean the entry into adulthood or the beginning of a serious adult phase of life.

Death of a brother

The dream can foretell a worsening of the situation. It can also be a call for you to take matters into your own hands and solve a problem yourself.

Death of a sister

The dream usually foretells big changes. You may be about to complete a stage in your life, such as a job, a course of study, or a personal problem.

Another meaning of the dream can be financial problems, so you should protect yourself in advance and limit your expenses.

Death of a grandmother

The dream suggests that it is time to solve problems from the past. If you have unexplained situations or conflicts, it’s time to reveal the cards and reconcile with others.

Another meaning of the dream is to keep an eye on valuables.

Death of a grandparent

This dream is a sign that something you have started will succeed. It can also mean pleasant surprises related to a visit from someone.

Death of a loved one (relative)

A dream about the death of a close relative can be a sign of longing for him or her, or for some of his or her qualities or related events.


Another possible meaning of the dream is the need to move on, to let go of something. You need to accept a new situation.

Death of an acquaintance

The dream predicts surprising information. You may discover a secret. The dream also warns you not to trust other people with information about yourself.

Death of someone I don’t like

The dreamer explains a dream about the death of someone with whom you have a quarrel or with whom you disagree as a signal to look at difficult problems with yourself or ways of communicating with others. You should focus more on how you express your emotions and how you influence others.

Someone told you you were going to die

A dream in which someone tells you that you are going to die is a signal that you are suffering or that you are having difficulty making certain decisions. Pay attention to details and little things.


If you saw a coffin in your dream, be prepared for a love disappointment. The dream can also mean arguments in a relationship. You may want to take a break from each other and return to the conversation when emotions have subsided a bit.


A dream about a corpse is usually a prediction of long life, health and happiness. You can also expect your life to change.

Dream Meaning: Death

  • Your own death – you will enter a new phase of your life.
  • Death of parents – your family life will change
  • Death of a father – make a firm decision
  • Death of a mother – you need a sense of security
  • Death of a spouse (wife, husband) – look for the causes of problems and solve them immediately
  • Death of a child – you enter adulthood
  • Death of a brother – taking matters into your own hands
  • Death of a sister – big changes in your life
  • Death of a grandmother – it’s time to resolve issues from the past
  • Death of a grandparent – a pleasant surprise awaits you
  • Death of a close person (relative) – accept the new situation
  • Death of a friend – you will learn something surprising
  • Death of someone I don’t like – focus on how you express your feelings
  • Someone said you were going to die – you have difficulty making decisions
  • Coffin – there may be arguments in relationships
  • Corpse – your life will change

Mystic dream meaning: death

If you dream that you have died, it foretells that your life will be long and happy.

If you see your own death in a dream, it is a sign that you have just had your last chance to change your life, and if you do not take it, the second such chance will certainly not come again.


If you see someone’s death in your dream, it means that you need to think more about yourself now, and give yourself time to rest instead of constantly worrying about other people’s problems.

If you dream that someone who is alive when you are awake dies, it foretells that your relationship with that person will deteriorate or that you will break off the acquaintance altogether.

If you see your own death at the stake, it is a sign that you will wake up feeling remorseful for some reason.

Seeing someone’s death at the stake is a sign that you want to clear yourself of some accusation.

If you dream that you are afraid of death, it is a sign that in real life you are afraid of change instead of letting it come into your life and giving it a chance to change somehow.

When a sick person dreams of his death, it foretells his imminent recovery.

If death appears in the dream of single people, it foretells that they will enter into marriage.

If people in a steady relationship dream of death, it may foretell a breakup.


Dreaming of death and dying

Dreaming about death and dying can be quite a frightening experience, especially if you dream about the death of a loved one or yourself. Fortunately, dreams about death and dying are usually not dreams that foretell the future – death is usually just a symbol in a dream – often signifying change.

How do you interpret your death dream?

It is important to learn how to analyze the dream for yourself. Here are some questions to help you understand your death dream:

What is your personal experience with death?

Most people are not comfortable talking about death, only some people accept it. Your own experience and meaning of death (as well as your beliefs about what happens when someone dies) will play an important role in understanding the symbolism of death in a dream.

How do you describe the person who died in your dream?

Are there any qualities that are missing or changed? What is your attitude toward that person? Often people in our dreams represent a part of ourselves.

What else happened in the dream?

A death in a dream is usually a way of drawing your attention to some aspect of your life, and other objects and details in the dream will provide further clues as to what really needs your attention or what message the dream is trying to convey.

What kind of death was it?

Did you dream of a peaceful death or a violent one? A peaceful death can indicate a transition or change that you are experiencing. A violent death or a dream about killing someone can symbolize anger, hatred or fear. The way someone dies in your dream will give you many clues as to what exactly the dream may mean.

How did you feel when you woke up?

Were you afraid? Sad? Angry? Relaxed? The way you feel while you sleep and after you wake up from a dream can give you many clues about the meaning of your dream visions.

Typical death symbols in dreams

Death is usually a symbol of your feelings about someone or something. Here are some of the most common dream symbols about death and dying:


Fear of the unknown

No one really knows for sure what happens when we die. Some believe that we go to heaven, while others believe that nothing happens at all. There are many unknowns about death, and dreams about death can symbolize uncertainty or fear of the unknown. This is especially likely if the death dream occurred in a dream about the apocalypse.

The end is near

Many people see death as the end of life and the end of everything. Something in your life may be coming to an end – maybe a relationship, a career, or maybe it’s the end of a problem that’s been bothering you. On a positive note, death in a dream can also symbolize the end of bad habits such as drinking, smoking, or gambling. Perhaps you will make healthier food choices.

Loss / Grief

Grief often accompanies death. Do you have any regrets in your waking life? It could be related to your relationships, the loss of something important and valuable, or the loss of control over something. Many people are afraid of losing what they have. Ask yourself: is there anything that has changed in your life recently that you regret?

Change / Transition

Many people think of death as a transition from one life to another. Change is one of the most common interpretations of death dreams. In some cases, a death dream can mean change – in your problems, your relationships, or your career.

Common death dreams

There are many types of death dreams. Here are some of the most common themes we see in dreams:

Death of a loved one

Dreaming about the death of a loved one can mean that you are afraid of losing something important or valuable. Think about your relationship with that person – is it changing? Or does this person symbolize something important in your life?

Your own death

Dreaming about your own death can mean that you are experiencing fear or anxiety about some waking situation, or that the future seems uncertain. It can also mean that you are going through a change in your life, such as a relationship or quitting an addiction.

Dream about the death of a child

This dream can be particularly upsetting. If it involves your own children, it can symbolize that they are nearing the end of a certain stage of life (such as the transition from infancy to school age or from teenager to adulthood). Such a dream can also mean that you fear for their health. Dreaming about the death of a child can also symbolize your own inner child – perhaps you need to be more playful, spontaneous or creative.


Death of a friend

A dream about the death of a friend often means that something is ending or changing in your friendship. Ask yourself how your relationship with your friend is in real life. Does the friendship need attention? Also consider how you describe this person – does he or she have qualities that you lack or that are changing?

Death of an animal

The meaning of a dream about the death of an animal depends on the type of animal and your relationship to it. For example, a dream about the death of a favorite pet may symbolize a change in companionship or friendship. A dream about the death of a wild animal may symbolize overcoming a fear or obstacle. Also think about the qualities you would use to describe the animal. Could any of the qualities you identify with change?

Dreams about the deceased

Dreams about someone who has died are not uncommon, especially if you were close to that person. Sometimes they are just part of the grieving process, but others believe they can be a way to communicate with a loved one. You can read more about this in the article about visiting dreams.

Death dream dictionary

Death – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – End of a cycle. Question: – What is past?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Change, – transformation, – rebirth. Description: The death is the end of a life phase and the fresh start of another. General meaning: Seldom – the actual death of you or another person, – more often – announcement of changes, – an aspect of your life behind you allow to admit of which you have grown out – transformation, – greeting rebirth. Association: End all life. Transcendent meaning: To leave behind help, besides, an outdated kind of the being, – trip in a new life aspect.

In general:

The dream deals a lot with the death, for frightening of the dreamer. Since this thinks much too quick, in such dreams own death or the death tells itself in the family, in the circle of friends in. From the experience of thousands of small and big dreams one wins the certainty that dreams of the death never announce bodily death that they are not a dark prediction. The dreams in which is spoken of the death in which often strange pictures a death takes place in which we ourselves must die or even in own burial take part, mean nothing else, as that emotionally is a little bit dead that the respect with the people which we dream as died is without at the moment of the life. The death dreams are from the biggest difference. It can seem that we suddenly go in black mourning clothes. Then we have ourselves, if we do not understand the dream to ask around whom or why our inside is at the moment in grief, which is why we, as it is expressed popular, ‘in the grief’ are. Only seldom it seems that we feel without personal respect how any person of our environment is internally dead. The dreams of dead people concern us almost always themselves. Love has maybe died in us, although we may not admit it consciously yet. Yes maybe we stress that respect consciously especially strongly because we feel that the life has escaped from her. We ourselves maybe are at the moment in a process of the ‘Die and Becoming’ in it and to us only the ‘death’ must be brought home very much. Just in the life turn if we have the parting height of our existence erwandert and in the distance the dark gate of the death in the close or distant horizon appears, Dying and Death dreams approach us and help the halting examination to anticipate the unalterable not only in bitter fear of life, but to accept consciously and our lifestyle as a result forming. There it can also seem that in the dream, like once in the death dances of the outgoing Middle Ages, the death enters into our room as a physical shape.


So terribly the death can be in the reality, in the dream it is only one change symbol and by no means a signal for a really approaching death. What dies in the dream, is substituted with something new. Dreams of the death say mostly only that in our inside something is held in the life which should atrophy, actually, – they are the assistance of the unconscious to give another direction to the life, to make way the danger which is based before one. If we dream of the death of a being close person, means after C. G. Have young the separation from a fusion with him. To see dying deads once again, concludes by the fact that they are also connected even today inseparably with one that one would like to postagitate to them in the life maybe to bring it thus to something. If we ourselves die in the dream, this is a sort of cleansing process of our soul, the rebirth of ours improve I which must change to the good to pass the struggle of existence. By the dreaming become conscious the chances which he has not used, and to him becomes clear that now it is too late. Own death can also mean that the dreaming investigates his feelings concerning the death. He argues with the separation of mind and body. The death in the dream can stand for a challenge to which the dreaming must position himself. Death mostly marks the end of a period of life, – one becomes with new plans, hopes into a new phase enter and, besides, should follow the former experiences. In the traditional dream interpretation one held dreams of the death for a tip that maybe soon a birth take place or that a change of the living conditions would enter with the dreaming or the people in his sphere. The death was always connected with strong fears, and, hence, he also symbolises furthermore big misfortune after which nothing more can be like before. The Old-Indian dream apprenticeship understands him as a symbol for health and joy of life.


At the spiritual level the death stands in the dream for the part of the life which is not seen for omniscience, spiritual rebirth, resurrection and reintegration.



The death announces to an unmarried wedding in and robs a slave of the position of trust which he holds, – then both, wedding and death, are valid the person as an aim and completion, and always one is indicated by the other. Therefore, the marriage prophesies sick people the death, – then both, the Hochzeiter like the dead, the same is given, e.g., the escort of friends, men and women, wreaths, odoriferous essence, ointments and a written recording of the property. It dreamt somebody, Asklepios wounds him with a sword prank in the belly, and he dies. The man cured himself of an ulcer which had formed in the belly, while he underwent a surgical intervention. The death makes competitor winners with the holy plays, – the dead people are same just as the winners in the aim. A man who had his son as an Allkämpfer after Olympia begeleitet dreamt, this has been sentenced to death and should be killed in the altar of the Zeus, however, he himself reached by loud complaints and inständiges Beg that the boy stayed alive. The son was admitted to the plays and took part in the competition, however, as him the biggest view had to gain the victory, he was defeated as was to be expected, – then he reached neither the end, that is he went as a winner through the aim, nor was given him a public honour, – then rightly those which sacrifice themselves for the public welfare big honour are appreciated, also, however, also winner in Olympia.



  • Dreaming one, he has died, he will serve a mighty prince and attain sounding wage, but envious looks at other people wealth throw.
  • Seeming it him, he has been buried, he will win so much money as earth about him was thrown.
  • to dream, one falls ill and is given up by each, wealth, but a curtailed one promises.
  • Seeming it one, he or another dead is alive again, he will earn a lot of money, but lose his power, – the emperor will be released after this dream of Drangsalen, compulsions and wars and gain victories, a my husband to no man is more subject and become well-to-do.
  • Seeming it the emperor, he has died or he gets from others the news that he has died, will wave to him joy and a long life, however, he will lose his horses.
  • Becoming somebody like a dead person on a stretcher hinausgetragen, so shows latter to a mighty person and the fact that the dreamer on the shoulders was carried away on his forthcoming rise and on a long life, – a pauper may hope after this face for an existence in secure relations.
  • Shovelling somebody his own grave, he will achieve the high aim which he has put to himself in the life and become rich. If one buries vividly, he will get for long time in his occupation in big distress.
  • Seeming it one, he is thrown in the dungeon, he will give up, if he plans a trip, this, otherwise in all his efforts bump into obstacles.
  • Dreaming one, he gets somewhat of a dead person, he will find with the prince support, but fall ill also. If the dead person has said him friendly words, he will get of the high authority a merciful answer.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he talks with one of the quite late rulers or escorts him, he will win by ungeschlachte, unknown enemies in war need get, but, finally, nevertheless.
  • Struggling or fights one with a dead person who is known to him, he will be punished, if the dead person wins, by the prince and fall ill, that is defeated, no more fear before the prince have and prove courage.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he aims with the curve at a dead person and meets him, he will chafe his people against ungeschlachten, unknown enemy in the field send and him, – he misses the aim, stamps in the opposite of the said.
  • he will have

  • Taking somebody of a dead person something in himself what belongs to this according to the object of the prince profit.
  • Giving one in the dream to a dead person his garment or his shoes and the dead person accepts the shoes, he will lose his slightest farm-hand by the death, – he gives him an untergarment or shirt, will die his daughter, – he gives him a Chiton or a Diplois, he will carry his woman or a close relative to grave, – he leaves to the dead person a Toga or a Skaramangion, will soon die his woman if a turban or a Kamelaukion, he himself, – it is the loincloth, which he gives away, the death becomes his children or, he is childless, the narrowest relatives dahinraffen. This interpretation applies for each, also for the emperor.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he carries a dead person out to bury him, he will become of his enemies geknechtet and raise an unworthy under his rule, – a usual man will serve high men and perform to them allegiance.
  • Taking one from a grave meat or skeleton, he will get of the prince money which gives fear.
  • Dreaming somebody, he is enclosed vividly in a grave, he will be punished according to the mouldy smell by the authority. If he dies there, he will change his faith and together with those which punished him are raised.
  • Dreaming somebody, he has died and revives again, he will be released from great fear, but fall in the extreme need.
  • he will sleep with

  • wrong one with a dead, nicely dressed woman, the woman of a powerful figure.
  • Seeming it one, he has inherited the house of a dead, he will attain of the prince favour and high power.
  • Taking a pauper or my husband the hair of a dead person in himself, he will become rich, – the emperor will pull war people and power of other rulers with strong arm at himself, depending on whether he has taken a lot of or few hair.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, one brings a dead person in his palace, he will lay a powerful figure in chains.
  • he will bring

  • Bringing one to him heads of war-fallen, leading heads of hostile people in his power.
  • Dreaming a my husband, he chops the head of a dead person and carries away him, he will get with fear and shivering rich finances of the prince.
  • Dreaming a woman, them visits graves or speaks with a dead person, she will cheat her man, – she is unmarried, she will lead the life of a whore.
  • stands before the door: do not live thus the day, think of your age, –
  • see as Sensenmann: if promises the freeing from an oppressive load, –

(European ones).:


  • clear end of a life chapter, – an old quarrel will bury, –
  • hear from a death: News by a birth, –
  • see as a skeleton with scythe: if tells freeing from a load, –
  • see: if Li> is valid for a long life,
  • see an unknown dead person: Symbol for a separation thought or overcoming a difficult life situation, –
  • is buried vividly or became: announced misery, –
  • deads see: glad events will enter, –
  • with late friends or members talk: meant news of living friends or members, –
  • touch or kiss: one will receive sad news, –
  • stand in an open grave: in the real life a final line has moved, however, hope still germinates around the loss to be able to regain, –
  • have around more and more darkly growing and the feeling, to have to die or to want also: Resignation of the last life phase.


  • Dreaming somebody, he has died, the death means the loss of the faith, but also a long life.
  • Seeming it one, he has been buried, the burial points to the finality of his downfall and the inability to the return.
  • burying

  • Becoming he without usual ceremonies and funereal songs, still hope for welfare indicates.
  • Dreaming somebody, one longest of deads is alive again and says: ‘I have not died, but live’, and the dreamer is surprised about that, such confession means the welfare of the dead person which comes true on grounds of the holy writing where it means: ‘God is no God of the dead people, but the living persons.’ Therefore, is a dead person of whom one dreams that he lives, blessedly, a living person, but of whom one dreams he is dead, condemns for ever.
  • Dreaming one, he has died, although he lives, and becomes on a stretcher hinausgetragen, he will revoke his faith, but are raised in the rank so far that he leads the people and itself subject makes according to the number of those which gave him the last escort, – however, hope for sensory change still remains because he is not buried yet.
  • he will turn

  • Shovelling somebody his own grave, his heart to the return and prepare for himself in heaven a flat.
  • to dream, one has not died yet, however, will already bury, announces chains, dungeons and hardship.
  • Dreaming somebody, he would be incarcerated at an unknown place, he will soon die, – then nobody knows the place where the souls of the dead people will stay. If the dreamer knows, however, the place of his incarceration, he will find out torture and hardship of this world.
  • he will attain

  • Getting somebody of a dead person a worldly thing, temporal goods and increase in wealth.
  • Talking the dead person with him or he instructs him in religious questions, will find to the dreaming mercy in his faith because the dead person indicates at the jenseitige world.
  • Giving one to a dead person to eat or to drink, he will fall ill and lose his money.
  • Giving he to the dead person the new clothes which still no one else has carried he will fall hard ill and curtail his possession.
  • dressed he him, however, with the clothes which he himself has carried and has put away or he deals only the intention, the donator will soon die, – that, however, which only wanted to do such will also soon end, but not so very.
  • Dreaming somebody, he carries away a dead person without proving the last honour to him, he will get rich disgracefully in dishonest manner, – however, he proves to him the last honour, he will perform to a mighty prince allegiance, serve him and attain his favour.
  • Seeming it one, he takes up a dead person, speaks with him, kisses or touches him, he will live long, be tormented, however, often by illnesses.
  • Dreaming it to one that the dead comes up friendly to him he will do good his soul, and the dead person will feel it, but the dreaming will also do to his heirs on earth good.
  • this will not fulfil

  • Showing the dead person the dreamer with bad words of itself, his testament-aryan wishes, but make up for his mistake from fear of God.
  • he will undertake

  • Lying somebody like a dead person among dead people in the grave, a voyage, fraternize with unbelievers and stain his faith.
  • Seeming it him, however, he lies vividly among dead people, he will live among unbelievers as a stranger, not stain his faith, however.
  • Looking somebody a dead person who is revived in dirty clothes or need and hardship suffer, this will been directed…, and thus the dream will come true.
  • Dreaming one, a dead known to him dies for the second time, the dreaming will take a woman.
  • Seeming it somebody, a dead person calls him secretly, the living person will follow him if he recognises his voice.
  • the dead person him drags away

  • and leaves him then somewhere, will soon also pass he.
  • Dreaming one, he drags away a dead person, they would come both to an unknown place, however, the dreaming does not turn back, he will end fast his life, – however, he has turned back, he will fall hard ill, not die, however.
  • Seeming it him, the dead person asks him to go with him together on his estate or to his tomb, he will soon die, but not so very.
  • the dead person him drags away

  • by force or in any way, will also die he, but not so soon.
  • Calling somebody a dead person to itself who follows him first again disappears, the dreaming will get under the compulsion of a ruler, but get free again.
  • step one in the footprints of a dead person, he will follow in every regard his track and die after a short life.
  • wrong sexually with a known dead, he will prove his heirs of good if with an unknown one, an enemy fight down who possesses big power.
  • Dreaming somebody, a dead person is present at his wife or daughter, his heirs will repay it to him with thanks and wage.
  • Looking one a dead person who has come to life again and sleeps, the sleep means his everlasting rest and bliss.
  • all this shows

  • seen somebody a dead person of ugly shape, dirtily dressed, in scoundrel or full dust, to torment and hardship of the dead person and to the conviction of his actions.
  • Looking one a dead person who suffers, he knows that this must give account before God because of his crimes.
  • Complaining the dead person about violent headaches, he has to justify himself for his behaviour towards his superior, towards father, mother or the prince and to atone for the fact that the called gave him trust, however, he ignored it. If he complains about sore throat, he has to give account about his life and his debts, the arms, about his brothers hurt him if the hands, about his loyal farm-hands if shoulders and ribs, about his women, – the dead person complains about stomachaches he has to justify himself for his children and the disregard of his house being, if about the thighs, for the next relatives, if about leg and foot pains, for his loyal farm-hands and his money. This interpretation is valid in the called cases without every exception and irrefutably.
  • see themselves: Pleasure and good life, –
  • is and again come to life: Honour and respect.


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