Darkness dream dictionary


Darkness dream dictionary

Darkness – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Secret, – the stranger and unsplit, – a place of the fear or the possibilities. Question: – What do I look for? What tries shape to accept?


Darkness in the dream draws the attention to the dreaming to his gets dark, depressive side. Also the shade can be embodied by this vision. She signals incomprehension, ignorance, confusion, fear, age and death, but also the unconscious, or is interpreted as an entrance of an unknown and difficult area. The dreaming argues in the dream with these things and maybe gets with a rejected and personality portion concealed hence in touch, so that he must take care of more self-knowledge. Darkness makes clear that one does not understand a little bit and is unsafe, therefore, as one properly behave and should decide. Then must be striven first to illuminate the darkness. If the darkness resolves in the course of the dream action, this is a tip that the dreaming sees his thoughts and feelings now clearer and can display a certain action.



At the spiritual level the darkness symbolises the chaos and the magic Nastily.



  • vantage point on the other, do not speak an open word and you succeed. also: One has not succeeded yet in seeing through certain people or processes.


  • a double symbol: The darkness sends a reminder on the one hand to lose his way not in search of lost out of sight, not to forget the present in the recollection of the past. The dreaming should pay attention less to his past and more to his future. On the other hand, the sign warns him, in search of distraction and dispersion or in search of ways against forgetting his pain and against relieving against putting actions which would destroy his life in short time. (Man


(European ones).:

  • concludes by fear and worries and refuses the fulfilment of the most ardent wish,
  • go by the darkness: it approach a difficulty,
  • fall in it or injure themselves: must count on a change to the bad,
  • get lost in it: one will have to fight long with difficulties,
  • the way find the way back in the light: the difficulty master successfully,
  • away attacking: nevertheless, for every tackled work a bad sign, – the sun still appears before the end of the trip, mistakes are made up,
  • lose in this one friend or the child: there is often occasion for rage, – you try to control yourselves, because you are submitted to a check.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Darkness

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