Dance dream dictionary


Dancing is a stress-relieving activity. The body moves in a certain rhythm, freeing itself from the rigid structure to which it is subjected every day. Dancing is a movement of the body, the best exercise and the most complete. When a person dances, he connects with happiness and everything positive.

A dream about dancing is a good sign because it shows that there is a balance in the emotions manifested. It is associated with vitality, spontaneity, confidence, balance and other positive qualities of being. A dream about dancing means balance and cooperation of body and soul, it foreshadows freedom and determination and symbolizes a lot of strength. It also means that your life is finally settling down and happiness is closer than you think. Use this opportunity to get rid of old traumas and solve family problems. This way you can share your happiness with everyone you love and think more calmly about the future.


Dancing in a dream is a symbol of freedom, spontaneity and the courage to accept who you are. The dream is saying that it’s time to take more risks to get what you want. Don’t let anyone stop you from being happy and joyful. It’s time to get rid of all the negative energy that surrounds you and try new things, so go where you want, meet new people and new places. It’s time to enjoy the feeling of freedom that you so desperately need. Letting go of old, repressed things and talking more about your feelings is also part of this process. Take care of the people who have always been there for you. It’s time to be spontaneous and embrace your nature. Let go of relationships with toxic people and make your life easier and happier.

Dream meaning dance

To see yourself dancing (dancing)

A dream of dancing is a sign of freedom. It means that you are becoming more accepting and loving of yourself. Your body and mind are in balance, and you now feel strong enough to follow your dreams. The dreamer says that it is time to believe in yourself and let things happen naturally. Don’t push your feelings.

If you dream that you see yourself dancing, it means that you have a lot of energy. You are free, you have emotional balance, you like sensuality, you like your body and therefore you move it with elegance. Whether you dance in front of others or alone, it is always a good sign. Joy fills you and you radiate it to others. Everyone looks at you because you are beautiful, a beauty that comes from within and is contagious.

To dance alone (solo)

The dream means that your soul and body are in balance. Use this wave of joy and freedom to reveal your attitude and beliefs to the world. Don’t forget to take care of your loved ones and be aware of people who are not your friends. The meaning of this dream is that you now have complete freedom to express and realize yourself.

To see someone dancing (dancing)

A dream about a dancing person means that you need to follow your freedom. Up to now you have been restricting yourself, not showing your true face. Fear of people’s judgment has kept you from acting naturally. Now, however, you have an excellent opportunity to change the situation.

Dreams of a dancing person encourage you to reconnect with your own spirit. The soul must follow the body. Taking care of your spirit is taking care of your health, so love yourself more.


Dancing people (dance group)

The dream is a harbinger of shared joy. If you’ve often felt lonely, like you don’t fit into the world you live in, know that your life is about to get better. Count on your true friends and family members to wish you well. It’s time to share your success and joy with the people who deserve it. Say whatever you have to say and be spontaneous. Don’t miss the opportunity to be happy.

Dance group (dancers)

Seeing a group of dancers in your dream is a sign that you will make new and promising friendships. Dreaming of a dance group means that you need to be close to the people you love. We often run away from loved ones to try to be free somewhere else. But you can’t run away from yourself, and we usually return to the same place.

So it’s time to understand that freedom needs a sense of security based on friends and family. Take care of yourself and your loved ones and everything will fall into place. Happiness must be shared.

Dance with someone

Dreaming of dancing with someone means happiness in love. Such dreams represent the power of desire and passion. Be spontaneous. Your love is closer than you think. Don’t try to control what you can’t control. Accept your feelings and take care of your mental health.

Dance with a stranger, a foreigner

A dream of dancing with a stranger is a sign of happiness in a new cycle. Another phase of your life has come to an end. The world is very complicated and you feel that people hurt each other for no reason. Perhaps you are a little confused, which is why you are sometimes afraid to reveal your true feelings. However, it is time for a new cycle. Take a chance and be who you are, and happiness will come sooner than you think.

You may feel that someone needs to be with you at this time. You are happy and there is no doubt about it, but you have a desire not to be alone. You are very self-confident and always looking for perfect harmony. To achieve this, you need another person.

If in a dream you feel uncomfortable in the company of a stranger, it means that you surround yourself with people who are not kind to you. It is important that you learn to recognize the dangers, because you can get into serious trouble.


If you like a stranger and feel comfortable with him, you probably want to start a new relationship. The Dreamer believes that the ideal person is close at hand.

Dancing with a woman

A dream in which you dance with a woman symbolizes sensuality and passion. Perhaps you need to spice up your love life. Something is missing. But you can’t force or control it, it has to come naturally.

This dream also symbolizes the power of being in love and reconnecting with yourself. Do not be in a hurry to discover new things.

Dance with a man

A dream in which you dance with a man means that you need security and stability in your life. It’s time to build the stability you’ve always dreamed of, but without giving up the freedom you’ve always had. Don’t be afraid to open up to the people you love. It’s time to get close to the people who have always supported you. Go back to your roots to gain true freedom. Live fully in the moment and be open to new experiences.

Dancing couple

Couples are a symbol of stability and permanence, and dancing represents freedom and balance between body and mind. The dream is a harbinger of a new cycle in your life. You’ve always wanted a peaceful and spontaneous life, and it’s finally time to seize the moment. Be honest with yourself and let yourself live. Don’t feel shame or guilt for being happy, you deserve the good things.

Dance with friends

The dream means that you can trust your friends. They want you to be free and happy. Share your joy with them because they deserve it. Don’t be afraid to give up false friendships that only make your life more difficult. The people around you are essential in your life and you know it, so talk to them a lot and tell them everything you feel.

The dream reflects your trust in your friends and especially your attachment to them. You like to share with others, you like to have friends and this is very important for you and for them. This is a dream that emphasizes your ability to socialize.

To dance in a dance show (competition)

The dream indicates conflicts, tensions, problems with colleagues. Try to solve conflicts calmly before they become big. Try to understand people and compromise.


Dance with someone who has died

A dream about dancing with someone who has died means a chance for you to get rid of traumas from the past. Take the chance to be what you always wanted to be. The dreamer assures you that things will be better from now on. Also take a moment to study.

Dancing bride

A dream about a dancing bride means big changes in your personal life. Moments of happiness and joy are coming. Do not try to control the next steps, because they will be unpredictable, but it is certain that you will feel happy. Forget everything that hurts you and don’t listen to wrong people. Go your way. Success and freedom are very close.

Dancing children

The dream is a projection of your home. The dream predicts that you will have healthy children and live in a house where love reigns. Seeing dancing children in a dream symbolizes innocence, sweetness and beauty. These are qualities that will define your life in the coming moments.

Dancing young people (dancing youth)

The meaning of the dream foretells that you will get everything you want. Your life will be very pleasant, without significant problems. Everything turns out in your favor.

Dancing elders, old people (seniors)

The dreamer predicts a good time at work. You have a chance to realize your own ideas. If you’re thinking about your business, don’t be afraid, it’s worth starting now.

Dancing dog

This dream means a new phase of love and happiness in your life. Pay attention to the people around you and take care of those who have taken care of you. It’s time to pay them back for all they’ve given you so that you can follow your own path. You can already feel the power of the freedom you have been waiting for. The dreamer realizes that it’s time to be brave and take a chance. Follow your dreams and you will feel fulfilled. Hard work now will pay off in the future. Learn from your experiences.

Dancing gypsies

A dream about dancing gypsies means happiness in life. Gypsy is a symbol of luck and divination and symbolizes the power of the future. Gypsy dancing represents complete freedom to be who you are. It is also an expression of intelligence, strength and passion.
So the meaning of the dream suggests that your life is about to change for the better. It is time to show who you really are. Don’t worry about malicious comments or false promises. It’s time to believe in yourself and go forward.

To go dancing (to a disco, to a party)

The dream indicates that you know how to live your life. You appreciate what you have, you don’t get depressed about what you don’t have. You are creative, you cope with different situations. Keep it up!


To go to a dance school

The dream announces that you have a chance for a new love. There will be an opportunity to meet many people, you may have trouble choosing one person. In steady relationships there may be an opportunity for romance.

This dream represents your vitality and energy. You are a systematic, disciplined and free person.

Asked to dance

If you are asked to dance, you will be successful in love. You will meet someone who can form a lasting, happy relationship with you.

If you joined a group of people who dance, expect good news in the professional field.

If you asked someone to dance, the dream shows that you have an excellent ability to make the right decisions. You believe in yourself and trust your intuition. You are convinced that you are not wrong.

Dancing among people

You are fully aware that you are doing everything right. You try to perform each task with great seriousness and joy. You are happy and this is reflected in your actions in any context in which you thrive.

To dance with someone I like

The meaning of this dream is to strengthen the relationship with this person. The dream can refer to collegial, business and personal relationships. It could also be the renewal of an acquaintance.

Dance with your partner, your partner (man, woman)

You and your partner get along very well, and the dream seems to make you appreciate what you have and take care to keep it. Try to remember the feelings you experienced in the dream, they are an example of how you really feel next to your loved one.


Dance with an ex-partner, ex-partner (man, woman)

The dream is a sign that the bad feelings associated with the separation are behind you. You are free of the past. You can go your way in peace.

Dancing in the street

The dream of dancing in the street signifies extraordinary freedom and contentment with who you are. You have always held back from showing your whole self for fear of others’ judgment, but now it is different, you are ready to be free and show your true identity. Don’t be afraid to take risks. It’s time to experience a life you’ve never experienced before. Act wisely.

Dance on stage

A dream in which you dance on a stage means that you must take risks and expose yourself to the judgment of others. To be happy, you must take risks, make choices. Whatever the price, happiness is worth it.

Now is the time to risk it all. Mistakes are part of the process, learn from them. If you follow your heart and are honest, the freedom and balance you have been longing for will eventually come.

Another meaning of the dream is that professional success is close at hand. You will undoubtedly achieve your goals. You will be appreciated and be a person of recognition.

Dancing on a square, platform

This dream means a longing to belong. You feel that you don’t fit into the place where you live, but you still want to be a part of it. You have often been a stranger in the nest, but you have always been loved. So don’t be afraid to open up and talk to people about your feelings. It is important to believe in yourself and let go of small problems. The people around you are kind, but you don’t seem to know it.

Dancing in the rain

Rain is peace, dancing is joy. Both elements show that you have the right conditions for projects, everything will go well. You will have freedom of action, you will not feel overwhelmed by tasks, you will feel comfortable working. If you go through any problems, you will do it with complete calmness and emotional balance. You will have the conviction that you will prevail.

If you dreamt that you were dancing in the rain, it means that your body and mind are balanced and you can enjoy happiness, you have matured and learned from past mistakes. You have let go of trauma and are not afraid to be who you are.


Dancing in the rain is a sign that you will experience the joy of family and love.

Dancing at a party

The dream means that great news is coming. With this news you will be happy and finally achieve your dreams. However, you must be prepared for true freedom and seek inner peace. With a balanced body and mind, no one can stop you on your path to success. This is your moment. Don’t waste the opportunity. However, you must be careful in your actions because you are so happy that you may make a mistake that you will regret later. Sometimes you get confused by your state of peace and joy and neglect important things; you must take responsibility for them. Don’t leave your affairs to chance. Concentrate.

Dance to loud, fast music

The meaning of this dream is to warn you against getting caught up in euphoria, going wild, and not listening to yourself. Sometimes you need to take a break. You are hurting yourself and others with your behavior.

Loud music pictures your life. Clutter and speeding can cause serious problems. Get your affairs and behavior in order and calm down.

Dance without music

The dreamer assures you that everything in your life will change for the better from now on. You are ready for changes. Believe that they are possible and put what was behind you.

Dancing naked

A dream in which you dance naked means great freedom and the need to reconnect with yourself. Perhaps you are lost and don’t know what to do. It’s not time to compare yourself to others, it’s time to invest in self-discovery and discover your own will. Focus on your purpose in life and don’t be swayed by anything. You will discover a power you didn’t know you had.

This dream is an evocation of your free spirit, your confidence, the joy you feel. To be naked is to be transparent, to be authentic. Be honest and non-judgmental.

Dance and fall

You are arrogant and proud. The dreamer advises you to revise this attitude. Do not overwhelm others with your energy. Even if you feel happy, be considerate of the feelings of others.


Types of Dances

Ballroom dancing

A dream about ballroom dancing represents the need for more balance between body and soul. Perhaps you feel out of place in the world you live in and need to know yourself better. It’s time to practice self-love and focus on self-discovery. Get in touch with your inner self and accept what you really want.

The dreamer warns that it’s time to pay more attention to signs of fatigue and tiredness. Rest if necessary, it is important to relax and let things happen naturally. Dare to face your own fears and say goodbye to the traumas of the past. Everything will fall into place!


A dream about waltzing means that something important is about to happen. You may not know it yet, but everything is moving towards your happiness and freedom. Such dreams are an omen of good fortune in your financial life. It’s time to prepare for success.


A dream about dancing samba means that you need to try something new. You’ve been stuck in the same place for a long time, afraid to take risks and be different. But now is the time to seize the opportunity for happiness. Have fun, take your time and enjoy the moment.


The dream means that you will soon achieve financial success. This realization will come with a very strong sense of freedom. After much discipline and hard work, you will finally achieve your goal. It’s time to enjoy the taste of happiness without fear of learning from your mistakes. However, do not be in a hurry to spend money.

Another meaning of this dream is that you are tense, demanding a lot from yourself and isolating yourself from other important things. You know what you want, you are balanced, but you demand too much of yourself and this takes away your freedom. You need to maintain balance.

Ritual dance

The dream means that there is an obstacle that you must overcome in order to be happy. Let go of the ghosts of the past that haunt you and discover a new universe. There is no point in crying over past hurts, the most important thing is to think about future happiness. It’s time to embrace your feelings and accept the past. Let all that was pass away. Freedom is knocking at your door, all you have to do is open it.

Belly dance

A dream about belly dancing signifies a longing for more sensuality in your life. Don’t limit yourself so much and accept yourself to fulfill your desires. Don’t let society tell you what is good and what is bad. You have all you need to be happy. Smile and move on. Love and know yourself. Discover new things and be aware of the world around you. It is important to take care of those who love you.


The meaning of the dream about belly dancing is also a harbinger of a more sensual and joyful love life.

Folk dance

A dream about folk dancing means a longing for freedom and fun. Sometimes we need a break from the overwhelming daily routine. You need to realize this and take a break regardless of the circumstances. The dream symbolizes your need for freedom and fun. Drop everything and get away from it all for a while.

Meaning of the dream: Dancing

  • To see yourself dancing (dance) – you are becoming more accepting and loving of yourself.
  • To dance alone (solo) – your soul and body are in balance.
  • To see someone else dancing – to be free and real
  • People dancing (group dancing) – enjoying together with your friends
  • A dancing group (dancers) – you will make new friends
  • Dance with someone – your love is closer than you think
  • Dance with a stranger – be who you are and happiness will come sooner than you think
  • Dance with a woman – you want a change
  • Dancing with a man – you need a sense of security and stability
  • Dancing with a couple – a new cycle is coming into your life
  • Dancing with friends – you can trust your friends
  • Dancing at a dance show (competition) – there may be problems with co-workers
  • Dancing with someone who has died (dead) – getting rid of past traumas
  • Dancing bride – big changes are coming in your personal life
  • Dancing children – love will reign in your home
  • Dancing young people (dancing youth) – everything is turning in your favor
  • Dancing old people (seniors) – you have a chance to realize your own ideas
  • Dancing dog – make your dreams come true
  • Dancing gypsies – your life will change for the better
  • Go dancing (in a disco, at a party) – you value what you have, deal with different situations
  • Go to a dancing school (train dancing) – you have a chance for a new love
  • Asking to dance – you will be successful in love
  • Dancing among people – you are happy
  • Dancing with someone I like – you will strengthen your relationship with this person
  • Dance with your partner (man, woman) – you will appreciate what you have.
  • Dancing with your ex-partner (husband, wife) – you are free from the past
  • Dance on the street – you are ready to show your true identity
  • Dance on the stage – professional success is near
  • Dancing on a square, platform – you miss being part of a group
  • Dance in the rain – everything will be fine
  • Dance at a party – your dreams will come true
  • Dance to loud, fast music – get your affairs in order, calm down
  • Dancing without music – everything will change for the better
  • Dancing naked – focusing on your life’s purpose
  • Dance and fall – pay attention to the feelings of others
  • Ballroom dancing – you need a balance between body and soul
  • Waltz – something important is about to happen
  • Samba – try something new
  • Ballet – you will achieve financial success
  • Ritual dance – accept the past and put it behind you
  • Belly dance – accept yourself to fulfill your desires
  • Folk dance – get away from it all

Mystic Dreamer – dancing

If you see dancing in your dream, it is a sign that you will soon have to choose between two people.
If you dream that you are dancing, it foretells that in choosing between two people you will choose unfavorably for yourself.
If you dream that you are dancing with someone, it means that when you wake up you will be in a difficult situation and will need the help of others.
If you dream that you are dancing alone, it is a signal that you need to release your emotions related to some situation.
If you dream that you are dancing on a table, it means that in real life you are susceptible to addictions and you need to be constantly careful not to fall into the clutches of some addiction.
If you dream of teaching someone to dance, it foretells a passionate romance for you.
Seeing people dancing is a signal from your subconscious that you need to take a break from your duties for a while to relax.

Dream about dancing

A dream about dancing or going to a dance – whether at a ball or a nightclub – can have many different meanings, depending on the type of dance and its context.

Meaning of the dream about dancing

What does it mean to dream of dancing?

Dancing is a form of self-expression. It can be very powerful in stimulating your body and mind. Dancing involves movement and sound. Dancing with another person can be a very intimate activity. Dancing can also be a symbol of the desire for romance.

Dancing is a common dream symbol when you are in a new relationship with someone, or have met someone you want to have a relationship with – it can mean that you hope the relationship will grow.

Freedom and Liberation

Dancing in a dream can also be a symbol of freedom. It can be a way of expressing feelings and liberation. You can feel free to do things in your life that make you happy.


Movement and flow

Often in life we feel that nothing is happening, that we are stuck in stagnation. Then a dream about dancing can be a sign that you want movement or change, a break from a boring routine.

We can look at the different types of dance to better understand the meaning of the dream.


Ballet is a very graceful type of dance. In a dream it can signify the struggle of life carried out with grace and finesse. Ballet can also be a symbol of desires and aspirations, especially if you were a person who wanted to be a ballerina/ballet dancer as a child. Ballet can also be a manifestation of imagination and self-expression.

Those who have studied ballet know that it requires a lot of hard work and discipline. This may mean that you need more discipline in your life or that you are irresponsible.


You may feel that you can easily meet the challenge before you. You don’t have many obstacles to overcome. It can also be a symbol of confidence in your work or other life situation.


Stepping can be a sign that you are looking for rhythm and routine in your life. You may be trying to get someone’s attention, or someone or something may be trying to get your attention.


You may want to “spice up” your life. You may be tired of the same mundane activities – it may be time to look for something new, something different. This could apply to your relationship as well.

Dance dream dictionary

Dance – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – eager condolence in the life, – movement as means to the transcendency. Question: – What arranges me to go out the borders of my own image?


medicine wheel:

Key words: Movement, – connection, – liquid, – charm, – dignity, – unity, – oneness. Description: The dance was a determining component of her ceremonies for people close to the earth. Told to dance to permit the fusion with the heartbeat of the mother earth to the body. By dance one could create harmony between his physical being and the holy net of the life. Dancing told also to express joy and to move itself into a state of the ecstasy. Dancing was to the people close to the earth a holy movement form. General meaning: How you sit down to the net of the life in respect. The kind, as you dance, says you any time which respect you have to the life, for example: liquidly and gracefully – find out liquid and graceful life, – jerkily – unharmonious life, – river in the oneness – a unity between your being and the net of the life, – with dignity and selfrespect – with respect for the net of the life, – with joy – luck, – trance dance – ecstasy. Association: – Transcendent meaning: Gift of the knowledge of yourself and your connection with the universe.

In general:

Dance and dancing was always a symbol of the freeing. If the dreaming dances in his dream, is shown cheerfulness and feeling to be with the surroundings one. Dance (dancing) points to internal harmony or spontaneously lived out feelings. The approach and wish of in particular sexual nature, to another person possibly becomes by dance also expressed (above all with the tango) which could lead to a brief adventure.


Translates the whirl of the life which can contain passions and desire, feelings and sexuality. Often it is the dance on the volcano which reminds of rushing the everyday life, sometimes also the tender experience of a ball which should bring us to the aim of our sexual wishes. However, here and there it is also the dance in the fog which reveals our unsafe feelings. Dance is a typical women’s dream which moves here self-printout and ‘self-realisation’ in motion sequences. One presents himself playfully (and erotically). A dance with the partner gives instructions about the role behaviour in the partnership: Who leads who nestles up (adapts itself)?


In the dream to have the image, one dances at home in the circle of his members, without a foreign person is present and watches, is for each without difference a happy portent. Likewise if one sees dancing his woman, his children or one of the next relatives, – it indicates big joy of life and good life because no one thinks of the dancing, before he has not paid his guilty tribute to the belly like a strict and cruel master, – only then one dedicates himself to the dance and loosens the limbs. Against it it is for an ill person, man or woman, from bad premeaning, – he will come because of many movements with the dance around senses and mind. A bad sign is more distant for that who has a sick person in the house, – then to a dancing to it goes out like a violently mourning, and he bears himself also in such a way. It means to nobody, neither to a healthy nor a sick person, something good to dream whom one in present of foreign people, these may be many or a few, dances, or that one sees dancing one of his members (was quite unknown in the antiquity the dance as a social event. According to his origin hatt he with the Greeks and Romans above all in the cult his place. Pica says in his speech for Murena 6.13 scarcely and clearly: ‘Nobody soberly dances, unless he has lost the mind.’),-in the first case will die somebody in the house, excite a big scandal in the last the dancing. To see dancing a child, registers that the same will become deaf-mute, so that it must make known his wishes by sign. To dance at the theatre, to harvest made up and in the suitable Kostümierung, and recognition and applause, prophesies to a poor wealth which will not last, nevertheless, till the old age, – then a Pantomine plays roles of kings on the stage and has many servants around itself, according to the image, however, he remains to himself again alone leave. Against it it registers an empire because of the multiple involvements in the pieces of excitement or processes. Then this face is according to experience neither for a rich one nor for a poor woman of good premeaning, – they will be got involved in big, sensational scandals. If a slave dances, like and wherever, he will cover many slashes, – who goes to the sea, wreck will suffer or go only about board and hard must swim, – which becomes one under the blows which other with the swimming set in motion the whole body. Luck brings the dancing to a man who languishes in chains, – then because the body is exhilarated with the dance and is solved, that of all chains will become single. If somebody performs with the dancing jumps, fear and fear will strike him, a criminal will be crucified, namely because of the height and because of the Ausstreckens of the hands. The weapon dance has the same meaning like the usual dance. Doing cartwheels, the sword dance or the estimate and somersault is only for people who do it professionally, without bad results, – to all others threatens extreme danger. The same means it if one sees somebody rope dancing. The events which forms the basis of the mysteries lead up quite similar dream fulfilments which are looked in the same period in which the mysteries are celebrated. A woman dreamt, she dances under the influence of alcohol to the Dionysos to honour a round dance. She killed her own three-year-old child. Since the legend of Pentheus and Agaue delivers similar, and one commits to the God to honour all three years a party. (Pentheus, the king of Thebes, had an aversion against the admiration of the Dionysos. He tried to order unity to the activity of the Bakchantinnen. Intoxicated, but from wine and religious fervour, these tore him limb around limb. His own mother Agaue stated the raving and tore off to her son personally the head.)


At the spiritual level dancing in the dream symbolises the rhythm of the life. Moreover, the dance embodies the change of space in time. The dance searches the freeing from earthly limitation.



  • request to it: you make a new acquaintance,
  • are requested: secret luck,
  • are led for the dance: one will have to submit in a thing,
  • see dancing themselves: you are sad,
  • dance themselves only

  • for himself: you will commit big stupidities,
  • with a partner: you win in the play, – also: if a short dear luck,
  • promises

  • and, besides, fall: Your clumsiness worries you. Is unconcerned and self-confident, then you succeed.
  • miss: you have grief and worries,
  • dance whirl: you are in love.


  • a good sign: To dance in the dream independently or to watch dancers points to an increase of spiritual and artistic interests of the dreaming and to the possibility to realise this with personal profit., For the rest, a carefree time approaches. (Woman



(European ones).:

  • of a dancer alone refers to the problem of own internal opponent, – with partners or female partners is to be understood purely sexually,
  • with good Nebenbildern: Joy, good news of a distant friend or an unexpected gift of money,
  • with mißlichen visions: Jealousy, sadness and uneasiness,
  • are led for the dance: now one will have to submit of a thing whether one wants or not,
  • see dancing themselves: one will be put before the choice between two people,
  • dance: with a choice of between two people one will meet a wrong decision, – also: it smiles at an unexpected luck, – realisation of a long-preserved plan,
  • on a wedding: Grief,
  • dance for man, – only as a gigolo: a strong need for a sexual adventure have,
  • completely only

  • dance: one has the wish that a certain person gives to one more attention,
  • dance in twos: according to who leads with the dance, Li> also leads in the existing or future partnership,
  • completely dance selbstvergessen: mostly dear luck, sometimes even from short duration,
  • others observe: one will hear from the happy talent of a friend,
  • older people see dancing: prophesied good business views,
  • for young people: if easy duties and a lot of pleasure,
  • promise

  • Seeing a married person a group of children with the happy dance, stands for lovely, well-behaved and clever children as well as for a happy, comfortable home.
  • then

  • Dreaming a woman that she moves with the dance herumhopst and her partner only slowly had to do them to him no longer on the nose herumtanzen!


  • others see: you need amusement,
  • see themselves: you have luck in the love,
  • dance: Joy and wealth, – you will soon get money,
  • and, besides, fall: is not haughty,
  • with a nice lady or elegant man: you incline to the jealousy.

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