Dagger dream dictionary


Dagger dream dictionary

Dagger – Dream Symbol Interpretation

If in the dream a dagger plays a role, his meaning can lie either during the attack or in the defence. Dagger can stand like the sword for male-aggressive sexuality, but also indicate aggressiveness beyond the sexuality which one must learn to control. This symbol of aggressive masculinity can mean above all as a women’s dream that it longs rather than is feared. The women who are with pleasure especially vulnerable and weak to provoke the protector’s instinct of the men are demanded here. In the psychoanalysis the dagger stands for an absolute (erotic) devotion wish of women with masochistic inclination. However, daggers also symbolise quarrel and fight which approaches and point out to the fact that this fight at the spiritual level will happen.

  • hope for help and allowance can be also expressed Partially in it.
  • then he tries

  • used the dreaming the dagger to attack another person at a deeper level to cut out an unbeloved part of itself and to get rid.
  • Becoming the dreaming in the dream by a dagger sting injured, this emphasises his vulnerability.
  • in the old dream books of the Indians and other antique advanced civilisations he is also interpreted than freeing from worries and victory over enemies.
  • If women by a dagger are met, points according to opinion of psychoanalysts to the fact that they liked to dedicate themselves meekly to her lover.


If the dagger is directed against the dreaming, he shows a sacrificial instrument from old times. It symbolises the male gender organ or aggressiveness, however, is also an expression of own weakness and hopes for strength.



  • in general: the triumph about a hostilely minded person approaches immediately,
  • see a foreign one: one wants to damage you,
  • defend themselves with it: Success will be soon gave to one,
  • are wounded with it and are threatened: one has bad enemies to whom one has hardly grown,
  • dagger sting: you will find out a heavy heart grief,
  • throw away: Disputes are repaired.

(European ones).:

  • always means adjustment and defamation or damage of the good call, – one is especially careful with business transactions,
  • see: you will defeat your enemies,
  • own: one will receive expected news,
  • wound another with it: one will triumph about an opponent,
  • are wounded with it: if brings funereal message,
  • fight with it: you triumph about your opponents,
  • defend themselves with one: one can finish a certain matter suddenly,
  • more decorated with finely worked scabbard: if the danger of risqué speculations also registers,
  • see putting one in the ground: Warning before a danger,
  • see one which is stained with blood: one has bitter enemies,
  • snatch from another the dagger: one will be able to counteract against the bad influence of your enemies.


  • see: you can laugh, now you are released from all need,
  • are injured: you should perform to unexpected invitation result, one wants to see you and get to know,
  • defend themselves with it: do not decrease, and you will come to your right.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Dagger

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