Cypress dream dictionary


Cypress dream dictionary

Cypress – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Cypress announces disappointment and grief (often in an interpersonal respect), however, contains also the consolation that soon new luck waves.


The cypress wakes up in almost all dreaming holiday recollections and is to be interpreted with it in terms of relaxating.



The cypress is a holy life tree symbol with a respect with the gods of the underworld and is the tree of the fair.


The cypress is a symbol of indulgence and delay because of her slender growth. Everything what grows slowly and slowly matures, like causes the cypress and similar plants, the luck as well as the misfortune more slowly. The same point of view is also effective with appointments. Everything what is meant long as for example cypresses, one should be persevering in all and show no blind zeal, – however, all trimmed and short sends a reminder to the haste.



  • see: are saddened by sad experiences of every kind, – also: setbacks could arise in the occupation or in the life, – also: you go on a big trip,
  • plant: you will do harm, – also to yourself by carelessness: Case of illness in the family,
  • cut: Death,
  • climb: come to distant countries,
  • cypress wood: long life.

(European ones).:

  • business annoyance, worry and grief, – loss of dear friends or a relative, to those, however, joy – maybe tearfully – will follow,
  • plant one: a bereavement will occur.


  • to disagreeable things you will not be able to make way, and the remorse will come too late,
  • see: no one is happy before his end.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Cypress

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