Cushion dream dictionary


Cushion dream dictionary

Cushion – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Comfort, – intimacy. Question: – Which part of me longs for support?


In the usual everyday life a cushion is a prop and provides for feeling of well-being. If the dreaming is just in a state of the abnegation, the cushion is a tip to allow itself more comfort. Here is valid the saying: ‘As one beds himself down, one lies.’ In the dream it can symbolise the need of the dreaming for support and comfort. Sometimes it is important what the cushion exists of. If it concerns a cushion full with feathers, comfort is in the foreground, the filling exists of a harder or rougher material, there lies the stress on the supporting qualities of the cushion. Cushion points to the soft side of the personality, on the need for rest, relaxation and security according to feeling. If this comfortable fitment appears in the dream, one is surely contented with his home. If, however, it is torn, indicates at marriage problems. Close wedding or a sure new position announces according to medieval opinion new feathers in the cushion or a downy cushion. Who pours on a cushion, is anxiously around own home, – who covers it freshly, provides for luck and joy and is very hospitable. A cushion battle in the dream refers to a false conflict or to the need to let down steam.



At the spiritual level the cushion in the dream symbolises feeling of well-being.



  • luck and comfort in the house,
  • tore: the marriage is disturbed,
  • on one sit or lie: Reminder to more diligence,
  • fill with downs: a wedding is prepared,
  • fill with horsehair: the health is attacked,
  • freshly cover: Einlogierung is expected.

(European ones).:

  • help and support,
  • see: one will have in the occupation and in the dear success,
  • shop: one feels exhausted and would like to be lazy,
  • on such lie: if help promises in a difficult situation, – the more comfortably one feels, the greater the coming difficulties,
  • rest on silk cushions: the comfort becomes loads more different goes,
  • Dreaming a young woman to sew silk cushion will have found them within less months a bridegroom.


  • see: you are saved from big poverty.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Cushion

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