Crown dream dictionary


Crown dream dictionary

Crown – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Majesty, – Außerwähltsein, – Question: – Which part of me looks for recognition?


If a dream of a crown acts, the dreaming should recognise his success and note that he owns possibilities to extend his knowledge and his consciousness. Maybe an honouring or a price is soon lent him for his salaries. Crown often indicates also carried too far craving for recognition, vanity and superficiality. If she exists of inferior material, one makes himself ridiculous by vanity, while the damaged crown registers that one loses respect. It is a symbol of the power which encloses her abuse. Thus the golden crown points to the fact that one feels elated a person towards and could run the risk to forget his own heart about property and money. The myrtle crown shows a wedding (this does not need to be the own) or the beginning of a new, happier time in. A crown can also show victory and devotion, particularly in obligations. The dreaming has possibly directed his striving and his strength upon a certain aim, and his biggest victory was about his own sluggishness. The crown of thorns is understood in general as a symbol for mental grief and worries, but also humility and carried too far religiousness can stand behind it. The crown may also point to the fact that we gain ‘the crown of the life’ not without challenges and drudgery.



At the spiritual level the crown in the dream symbolises the victory over the death and fulfilment. It is a piece of jewellery of the royal dignity sign.



  • Dreaming one, he carries the imperial crown which, as famously, with precious stones and pearls is adorned and is decorated, he becomes, he is who wants he, emperors will attain and according to the beauty of the crown of fame.
  • to slopes the stones and pearls like drop earrings in the crown, his rule of the length and beauty of the precious stones will resemble.
  • Dreaming of the emperors that the pendant or the tapes of his crown are cut off will be his imperial court a little with flying colours and only from short duration.
  • that which has received them with his approval portion will receive

  • Giving he his crown of another or a woman, with the instruction to carry them in power, – however, he has handed over the crown, so that it is put to her place, that which accepted them will have a narrow personal relation to the emperor, – this gives the crown of a known woman and is they Augusta, she will give birth to an emperor, she is another person, his courtesan become.
  • however,

  • Händigt he the crown of an unknown female from, the emperor will spend a happy year according to the beauty of the woman, she is ugly, the bad and unhappy.
  • Dreaming to him, his crown has liked to ground and has broken and jewellery and precious stones have been scattered, he will be put out Widerwärtigkeiten, to posters and distress, but all evil man become because it is possible to pick up the pieces of jewellery and to restore the crown.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, another snatches the crown by force from him, it is stolen or gets lost, so that it is nowhere to be found, he will lose his rule and die, – then an emperor who has lost his rule can on no account stay alive.
  • see or carry: to high honour and wealth reach,
  • of gold: one can be aware of his success, however, should not become haughty, – you strive for wealth and forget the heart,
  • of silver: one can soon count on the favour of another person whom one counts not exactly to his friends,
  • from flowers: Wedding and engagement in view,
  • from meadow flowers: happy dear time,
  • from thorns: heavy heartbreak,
  • from ears: Wealth and luck,
  • from straw: Mockery and disgrace.


  • This fluorescent symbol prophesies respect and security, but also trouble and loss in health. It expresses that the dreaming determines his way himself whether he chooses now that of the earthly goods or which of the true values of the life. (Man


(European ones).:

  • means a change of the way of life, – one will leave from home and build up new relations, – a fatal illness can also predict, – one will be favoured by higher put personalities,
  • see together with a cross: one is favoured by a death,
  • carry one: if means loss of the personal property,
  • golden ones: if is valid as an arrogance and vanity,
  • silver or those from inferior metal: one will receive a present,
  • of myrtles: one will take part in a wedding or have even wedding,
  • of flowers have: if brings unclouded joy,
  • of dead person’s skeleton: if means a fatal illness,
  • crown somebody: indicates own value.


  • with it be decorated: once you will dress high places,
  • carry: Wealth,
  • see: it approach you challenges,
  • of flowers: unclouded joys,
  • of gold or silver: a present.

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