Cradle dream dictionary


Cradle dream dictionary

Cradle – Dream Symbol Interpretation

  • see, religiously: one should look after a secret in himself,
  • day nursery, blank: missed love,
  • day nursery, completely: rich success and love in the house,
  • animal cradle, completely: Profit, – unconcerned future,
  • animal cradle, blank: one will remain to you money guilty, – emergency times, – also: big strains must undertake to assert themselves professionally in.

(European ones).:

  • empties: Failure in the enterprises, – it approaches a time of the need,
  • with Jesus’ child: rich luck is to be expected, – from religious view the cradle indicates a secret that one should keep with himself,
  • full animal cradle: promises for the closer future gainful shops and pleasant times.


  • empties: Poverty and need,
  • full ones: good future, good and lasting prosperity.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Cradle

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