Cough dream dictionary


Cough dream dictionary

Cough – Dream Symbol Interpretation

The cough in the dream can be translated best of all with the phrase ‘to him I will cough what’. He symbolises the defence of external claims against which one trusts to protest to himself not openly because one is too unsafe, – this must be changed: Now and again the cough also warns against revealing own secrets. Often plays here also actual cough, in the dream by which one is woken up, however, mostly immediately.



  • have: you will be irritated without your occasion, – also: you renounce a help.


  • No good omen: With a short fit of coughing a passing time of mental confusion and instability comes up to the person concerned. Longer cough wants to say him that he is in bigger mental difficulties than he would like to admit himself. The sign recommends to the dreamer to go as soon as possible to himself and with himself in exam to come with itself to the pure one. (Man



(European ones).:

  • the embarrassment in which one will easily get – indicates an insecurity and worry before the uncertain, – is on the care before flatterers,
  • have: one will receive a negative answer,
  • suffer from constant cough: points to a weak health, – however, one can overcome the problem if one lives rationally,
  • others hear coughing: one gets in disagreeable circles from which one can escape, finally.


  • have: you should not betray your secrets.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Cough

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