Coronation dream dictionary


Coronation dream dictionary

Coronation – Dream Symbol Interpretation

From all rituals the coronation is certainly the most impressive one. If one himself is crowned in the dream, one probably has a lot of reason for the pride be on own achievements. To carry a crown, nevertheless, means also a high degree of responsibility and duties which must be fulfilled. Therefore, such a dream is also a warning: Is one also able after the moment of the fame to create everything what lies before one?



  • see: are pleased by a sudden luck,
  • are crowned: you have big plans, alone you do not create it.

(European ones).:

  • are present: to honour come, – brings luck, – acquaintances and friendship with famous people come,
  • are crowned: one will achieve a big aim,
  • feel crowned: Grief and grief,
  • a young woman takes part in a coronation, then prominent personalities to her will prove unexpectedly her favour. If the coronation is wrongful, nevertheless, her discontent approaches instead of expected pleasure.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Coronation

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