Comet dream dictionary


Comet dream dictionary

Comet – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Messenger, – awakening or Entfesselung of energy. Question: – For which vision do I look?


From antique up to the most topical tail star of our time – comets were always valid as ‘a sky sign’ which should announce special events. Thus they are also to be understood as a dream symbol – they have tip character and mostly subjects like successful increase and achievement increase to the contents. If the dreaming sees a comet in his dream, he recognises that possibly very fast circumstances can originate about which he has no control. The result is maybe inevitable. If one can decipher his personal comet dream (by sharpened memory), ‘a star has risen to one’. (This was the traditional interpretation which was that one should look ‘so long to the sky, until a star shows to one the thought.’) Then nothing more would be in way to the ‘meteoric rise’. Then anyway it would be a luck symbol – at least, until a comet impact on our planet proves the opposite. Traditionally he is interpreted as a token of the misfortune. In general he can also announce a life change from which one arises radically changed. Maybe, however, also the answer to a problem with speed of light comes up to the dreaming.



At the spiritual level the comet can point in the dream to oncoming difficulties, war, fire or another danger.



  • see: Quarrel, war and heavy times in view have received, – a warning of worries and grief, – unexpected news which will entail again troubled times,
  • shooting star: a long-desired wish will come true.

(European ones).:

  • see one: if means war, death and illness, – your hopes will not come true, – a bad harvest, unexpected news, – one avoids change and travelling, – one is subjected to check which one passes and reaches to fame,
  • of the discovery of such read in the newspaper: if a circulation brings in the country:
  • this dream grief means

  • for a young person.


  • see: very bad times, misfortunes in view, – a heavy year with many plagues.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Comet

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