Column dream dictionary


Column dream dictionary

Column – Dream Symbol Interpretation

If in the dream a column seems, this can be a phallic symbol. Nevertheless, the column possibly also means that of the dreaming stability can create and well finish difficulties. If the dreaming is a ‘column of the community’ in his dream, this points out to the fact that he must take over more responsibility for his actions. The fallen or cracked column is interpreted as a warning before problems with which one can hope for no help.


The column supports building, her symbolic meaning can be explained by it as a weight-bearing strength. If the column comes in the dream action to the collapse or in staggering, the declining strength of the dreaming person symbolises itself in it. Possibly is her personality from the balance, but also suffered strokes of fate or physical problems can be reflected in this vision. Columns in the dream are mostly a tip somehow from support. If the dreaming recognises that it concerns in his dream a supporting column, he should deal with the structure which he has given to his life.



At the spiritual level two columns mean the difference between the male and the female. Or, however, the difference between the spiritual ones and the material strength is shown with two columns. The column is also a prop of the building and guarantor of his firmness. It is a tree of the life and axis of the world.


The columns which burn in pure fire without being destroyed by him mean that the children of the dreaming will come to better and more shining relations. If they collapse, the death threatens the sons, – ‘then of the house Props are the sons’ as Euripides (Tragiker in Athens) says.



  • see general: one may hope in a difficult matter for the support of a friend, – also: by a prominent achievement will be given a substantial respect,
  • look: you will travel in foreign countries,
  • of usual stone see: do not build on the luck, it is delusive,
  • of marble: your castles in the air melt away like foam in the water,
  • with flowers: one will honour you,
  • see collapsing: one will leave from his friends just when it goes most badly,
  • fallen down and broken ones: Misfortune find out,
  • burst: you lose your position.

(European ones).:

  • symbol for help and prop, but also erotically to understand and strength should be the basis,
  • see standing: one will need at the age of no prop, – in a difficult situation one will find a sure hold, – honour and success lie in the future,
  • establish: a success achieved from own strength brings friendship or the goodwill of people who will be valuable props,
  • see cracked or fallen ones: tells a heavy stroke of fate in with which neither friends nor family offer backing or help.


  • see: you will attain the favour of high-ranking people,
  • fallen: you will lose the goodwill of yours Known / friends,
  • many: Honour and respect,
  • see falling: Misfortune.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Column

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