Coffin dream dictionary


A dream about a coffin means your own feelings. The coffin represents a place to which no one but you has access.

If you dream of a coffin, be aware of yourself. Take more care of your own life, be aware of your own emotions and feelings.


The meaning of the dream of a coffin is related to your mental state, a possible period of depression or past trauma. The dream is a warning to pay more attention to your emotions.

Dream meaning about coffin

Open coffin

An open coffin in a dream means more freedom in life and more control over your emotions.

When you are more emotionally independent of people and objects, you can better control your emotions and feelings. It means that no one has the right to change or interfere with your decisions. A dream about an open coffin means that you are entering a period of emotional independence. Now someone is making you feel trapped, but soon they will stop interfering in your life. These dreams usually occur when you feel overwhelmed by a relationship with a family member, friend or lover.

Closed coffin

Dreaming of a closed coffin means that someone important to you has died. These changes bring benefits and we see them when we get over a period of mourning.

A dream of a closed coffin is associated with loss. It indicates that you are realizing that you have lost something or someone.

Broken or cracked coffin

A broken or cracked coffin in a dream means that your feelings for others are not reciprocated. You are suffering as a result. The dreamer advises, “Don’t waste time dwelling on past events.


Empty coffin

An empty coffin symbolizes a lack of interest in loved ones. It indicates that relationships are becoming increasingly fragile. This can lead to personal or financial problems. Strengthen the relationship with your family.

Corpse in coffin

Dreaming of someone you know in a coffin indicates an intense desire for something. Everything you have earnestly desired is about to be achieved. However, your effort to achieve something will be necessary.

If you see a stranger in a coffin in your dream, the dreamer advises you to reject everything that does not benefit you.

The meaning of the dream can also indicate the end of a very difficult emotional cycle. Doubt, hesitation, unpredictability, fear are the feelings you need to say goodbye to in order to move on.

Baby in a coffin

If you are expecting a baby, the dream illustrates your fear, but it does not confirm the tragedy. It is only your thoughts that create a black scenario.

In another situation, the dream means that there will be a rebirth in your life. Pay attention to any changes, because what is most significant you will not notice immediately.

Seeing yourself in a coffin

The dream means that you will have much joy in love and happiness in finances.

This is a sign that a period of success and many achievements is beginning. You will be full of energy and ideas.


Burial (coffin at a funeral)

Dreaming of a coffin at a funeral means the end of something bad or difficult. It usually involves health or relationships.

Dreaming of a coffin at a funeral is a sign that something is about to happen. Whatever it is, stay emotionally stable.

Coffin buried (in grave)

A dream of a coffin being buried has a very positive meaning, as it indicates that you are finally getting rid of an emotion that has been bothering you a lot. You have finally recovered from some dramatic experiences and are moving on.

Coffin colors

Black coffin

Someone from the past may reappear in your life. An old love will return with strength and lead you to happiness.

White coffin

Dreaming of a white coffin is a good sign. It indicates that you have managed to stabilize your emotional state.

If you have gone through difficult times, everything will turn out well now. A white coffin means a positive end to the cycle. Regardless of the moment, it indicates that things are going in the right direction and you will do well.

Dream Meaning: Coffin

  • Open coffin – you will regain control over your emotions
  • Closed coffin – you have lost something or someone
  • Broken or cracked coffin – you suffer from unrequited feelings
  • Empty coffin – you will strengthen your relationship with your family
  • A corpse in a coffin – you will get what you want
  • A child in a coffin – there will be a rebirth in your life
  • See yourself in a coffin – a period of success begins
  • Funeral (coffin at funeral) – something will happen
  • Buried coffin (in grave) – you have recovered from dramatic experiences
  • Black coffin – old love will return
  • White coffin – everything will be fine now

Mystic dream meaning- coffin

This symbol indicates that when you wake up you try to put the past behind you.

Meaning of the dream coffin

If you see an empty coffin in your dream, it is a signal from your subconscious that you do not need to worry about your future.


A coffin with a dead person in it is a sign of unhappiness in the relationship you are in when you wake up.

If you dream that you are carrying a coffin, it is a signal from your subconscious that when you wake up you will have unfriendly people around you who will try to work against you.

If you see yourself in a coffin, it means that something good is about to happen in your relationship.

Coffin dream dictionary

Coffin – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – if the end contains. Question: – What is I to be buried ready?

In general:

If a dream of a coffin acts, the dreaming remembers his mortality. Such a dream symbol serves to recognise the meaning of the death and the transitional rites linked with him. However, maybe the dreaming has also succeeded in coming with the ‘death’ of a respect to the pure one or in overcoming a loss feeling. However, coffin also asks to bury the past, so that one can form lighthearted the other life. If one himself lies in it, can announce the luck on which one may not count, however, too much. The empty coffin points to unnecessary worries.


The dream coffin does not deal with the death a lot. If a person has arrived in an important turning point in the life, he would like to make this crossing in any manner clear. The coffin in the dream, in particular if he is decorated richly can symbolise this. The coffin concludes in the vision something, circumscribes an Abschiednehmen of past, – however, he also removes prejudices. Nevertheless, the dreaming possibly also closes mind before his feelings and kills a part of itself. If he is closed, the resignation of a person or also from a professional position approaches. If he swims like a boat on the water, become some way there-washed which frightened us. Who sees a corpse in the coffin, would maybe like to pull in a friendship or even in the love a separation line, – this can also point to a divorce. If we ourselves lie in a coffin, we should forget the past and build only on the future.


At the spiritual level the coffin in the dream symbolises redemption, resurrection and welfare.



  • see: a bad destiny experience, – Widerwärtigkeiten,
  • openly: heavy illness,
  • unanimously: long life,
  • lie in it: good health,
  • see themselves in it: long life,
  • somebody see lying in it: a death will cause pain, – also to you: one will have to make himself calm on big difficulties in the commercial life,
  • see an empty one: you will become ill, but recover again completely.

(European ones).:

  • internal Abschiednehmen of past, – new intentions can be realised when the old person is buried, – one is a farmer, one must watch how the harvest is destroyed and the cattle become ill, – for businessmen he means a debt mountain, – for young people it is an omen for bad relations and death of beloved people,
  • see an empty one: one gives himself around his future unnecessary troubles, – one will reach an old age,
  • a corpse see lying in it: unhappy marriage and uncontrollable progeny, – tells a misfortune in the marriage or a partnership in, – also: professional setbacks or losses stand out,
  • see own coffin: business defeats and domestic worries approach,
  • to itself see lying in one: if a happy event promises in marriage or partnership,
  • see themselves as a corpse in one: the courageous application ends in insult and disgrace,
  • on one sit in a moving hearse: there comes a bad one if not even fatal illness on one to or a close-knit person, or it approaches quarrel with different-sexual, – one will think over his behaviour towards a friend repentant,
  • the coffin moves by itself: Illness and marriage lie close together, Freud and grief alternate.


  • see: for sick people it means to recovery, for healthy long life,
  • lie themselves in it: unsteady luck.
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