Cloth dream dictionary


Cloth dream dictionary

Cloth – Dream Symbol Interpretation

In general it announces after old dream books Good shops.


It covers us as clothes. This covering, covering lets assume secrecy which want to come ‘to the aim’ without many words. One should pull up always also the colour of the cloth for the interpretation. If one lies with someone else in the dream under a cloth, concludes on it that somebody would like to be with us under a cover, wants to go forward so against others and he intends to use us as a cloak.




  • the fine: Feeling of well-being,
  • the coarse: Bad luck,
  • of silk: Wealth,
  • from wool: Security.


  • cloths and materials are a very good omen which stands, however, always with the remaining dream signs in narrow connection. They show love, success, security and security. If a cloth or material is pointlessly cut, however, in the dream or is torn by force, important news will be missing for the dreaming person. This maybe releases a disagreeable chain reaction with lasting results. (Man


(European ones).:

  • sends a reminder diligently and to act, – means happy success in shops.


  • the fine: Prosperity,
  • the coarse: you should work more, then you also have more.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Cloth

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