Cigar (or Cigarette) dream dictionary

Cigar (or Cigarette)

A dream about cigarettes means that there are desires that you really want to fulfill. However, you will not always be able to fulfill all of them.

It is necessary to do it step by step and gradually achieve your goals. This type of dream may be related to the need to take a break.


The meaning of the dream about cigarettes can also be associated with carnal desire and even addiction.

Dreambook cigarettes

A pack of cigarettes

The dream can be explained as a visualization of unrealized goals, tasks, and plans. The more cigarettes in a pack, the more plans fail. Think about what you failed to achieve and why.

Another meaning of the dream is a temptation, an addiction that you find difficult to break with.

To smoke a cigarette

When you dream that you smoke cigarettes in your dream it is equivalent to the fact that you feel a strong desire for something that you can not achieve. You need to start acting more effectively. Analyze the situation, change the plan or methods of action, take cooperate. If you smoked a cigarette in a dream it means that you feel strong and that you have power.

If the dream repeats for many days, it may be information that you are too arrogant.

A dream in which you smoke cigarettes indicates a feeling of pleasure, and it means that you have something or strive for something that makes you feel satisfaction.


A dream about cigarettes is associated with desire and fulfillment in life, it may be mainly related to the need to stop and reflect on your own behavior. Take a look at your actions and behavior.

To light a cigarette with a lighter

The dream may be directly related to your life plans. Certain things are coming to an end, and opportunities or circumstances that favor you are disappearing, so don’t give up, don’t give in, gather your strength, and apply yourself to achieve what you want.

To buy cigarettes

If you are buying cigarettes in your dream, it may indicate the existence of compulsions in your life. Try to reduce or eliminate this negative behavior. Do not be ashamed to ask for help to overcome your problems. Ask for help from friends, family, and a psychologist. Know that there is a solution to your problem. It is up to you to decide what to do about it. Take care of yourself.

To give a cigarette ( offer a cigarette).

Dreambook recommends in this case to value yourself more and prioritize your health. Evaluate whether your choices so far have been appropriate. Stress and physical and emotional exhaustion can harm you now. It may be time to slow down and give your body and mind a rest.

Others smoke a cigarette

The meaning of the dream reveals discord. It can occur in a relationship with a partner, but also in a relationship with a friend.

Disagreement can lead to misunderstanding. Thus, it may be time to evaluate how you deal with other people’s opinions. Think about how to defend your point of view well, but don’t let it turn into a problem. It is very important that you remain calm in order to build and maintain good relationships with others.

Cigarette smoke

A dream about cigarette smoke means that you will have to fight against adversity that will come your way. Try to prevent problems, be forewarned.

Cigarette smoke in a dream also reveals the need to strengthen and the importance of your decision-making ability and willpower. Success does not come for free. You must fight to overcome any obstacles and focus on your goals. Work hard and you will receive a well-deserved reward for it. This can also help prevent financial problems.


This success is related to your decision-making ability, especially willpower. Strengthen these qualities that will be necessary to build success.

Cigarette ash (ashtray).

Dreambook warns you not to get involved in situations that do not concern you. Avoid trouble!

Ashes symbolize small negative events that will take place in your life. Avoid problems, there is no point in stressing over small things.

Burnt cigarette (pet, cigarette butt).

The dream is a warning to be ready for what is to come, as there will be some obstacles that can be avoided or quickly overcome. Thus, be alert and aware of the moment. If you prepare in advance, you may be able to handle any situation. Don’t be taken by surprise. This is an opportunity to reevaluate some aspects of your life from a different point of view. The more prepared you are, the better you will come out of any bind.

To throw away a cigarette

If you dream that you throw away a cigarette, it means that you are looking for a change and development in your life. This is a moment of deep maturity. You are aware of what is hurting you and strive to improve the situation. Take a moment to reflect and better understand what you should be doing and where to go.

Summary of dream meanings of cigarettes

  • A pack of cigarettes – it is difficult for you to break the habit
  • To smoke a cigarette – start to act more effectively
  • To light a cigarette with a lighter – gather strength and apply yourself to achieve what you want
  • To buy cigarettes – ask for help, take care of yourself
  • To give a cigarette (offer a cigarette) – let your body and mind rest
  • Others smoke a cigarette – maintain good relations with others
  • Cigarette smoke – focus on your goals
  • Cigarette ash (ashtray) – avoid problems, don’t stress over small things
  • Burnt cigarette (pet, cigarette butt) – obstacles will be avoided or overcome fast
  • To throw away a cigarette – you are looking for variety and development

Cigar (or Cigarette) dream dictionary

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Cigar (or Cigarette)

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