Dreams about children are usually associated with innocence or a sense of happiness.

Sometimes children in a dream also represent love or other positive feelings. They can also be an indication to worry less about everyday life, look at the world from a different perspective, and gain distance.


Dreambook of children

You are a child

The dream suggests that you are at the right time to pursue your dreams and enjoy them as children do. The dream can also mean that you should awaken the child in you and approach everyday problems with a little calmer and more detachment.

Small children

Dreaming about small children can be interpreted as the beginning of a new period full of changes in your life. The dream may also indicate that it is time to mature and become independent.


Dreams about newborn babies indicate that you feel vulnerable, and others perceive you as weak. You are afraid of discovery from other people and seek refuge away from them.

Dreaming about babies can also mean joy, carefreeness, and the need for care.

Playing babies

The dreambook explains the dream about playing with children as a feeling of happiness and contentment with life. If a child is laughing and amused in a dream, it means that you feel comfortable at work and in social and family relations.

It is time to enjoy the moment. Dreaming about children playing is a suggestion that you are experiencing great joy.



Dreaming about twins means good luck, successful decisions, and good relationships. Something you have been waiting for a long time will come true. The dream can also mean that you will receive everything you receive doubly or with redoubled force.


A dream about triplets can mean unforeseen situations and a strengthening of the emotions experienced. If the children in your dream are crying, it means an argument.

The dream draws attention to what you are doing because, shortly, it will be more critical than usual.

Skinny baby

A dream in which you see skinny children Dreambook interprets as a sign of the coming of hard times. Prepare for changes, accept them with patience, and try to get through difficult times by seeking support from loved ones.

Make the necessary changes in your life and be aware that the worse days will pass,

Many children

Dreaming about many children around you means you may receive good news regarding the economic or emotional sphere any day.

A dream about a bunch of learning children is a sign of good news regarding the work environment. It is a clear message that means the arrival of a promotion or a well-deserved raise.

Children in kindergarten

A dream about children in kindergarten symbolizes, above all, joy, fun, and carefree. If you have been through difficult times, it is time for a change of fortune.


The dream also augurs good health. If the children play unanimously with each other, professional success awaits you.

Children in school

The dreambook explains the dream about children in school as a harbinger of minor worries and troubles. You may go through difficult times and tests of character. However, all this will be temporary, and you will easily cope with any situation.

Communion children

The dream of children making their First Holy Communion means joy and faith that everything will work out successfully. The meaning of the dream also says that something good will happen. You may do something good for someone.

Your own children

The sight of your own children in a dream mainly means happiness and blessing.

However, depending on the context, the meaning of the dream can have different messages; for example, a laughing child means joy, a sick one can symbolize problems, and a feverish one emotional agitation.

Unknown children

When you dream about unknown children, it is a sign that you are hiding a part of your personality, which makes others unable to perceive you fully as you are.

The meaning of a dream about unknown children can also be interpreted as a message from our subconscious. What are the children doing in your dream? How does it relate to your behavior? Do you miss something from your childhood?

Children in the water

If you see children playing in the water in your dream, you will have to put a little more effort than usual into your daily tasks. If the water is clear, the dream may mean that you have pure intentions and sincere feelings; others are honest with you. The dream may also foretell the fulfillment of hopes.


Black children

If you saw black children in your dream, the dream’s meaning can be interpreted as a harbinger of coming changes that will cause a sense of loss and inner rift.

These changes can affect any sphere of your life. However, they can be felt especially strongly in feelings and emotions.

Children from the orphanage

The dream is a signal that your expectations have not been met. You feel lonely and rejected. You may also have a problem expressing feelings, which significantly complicates your family, emotional, and professional life.

Children crying

Crying children in a dream signifies that you are starting to lose control of the situation. There must be something going on in your life that is not going your way. It spills you up with more worries and sleepless nights, tiring your body and mind.

Dead children

Although such a dream may be frightening, you should change your approach to your children. Perhaps you are overprotective, taking the child out of everything and not passing on the proper role models.

The dream may also refer to professional matters, suggesting that some projects may be lost due to third parties or your partner’s mistake.

Dream meaning: children

  • You are a child – realize your dreams and enjoy life
  • Young children – it is time for a change
  • Infants – you feel vulnerable, run away from people
  • Playing children – you are satisfied with life
  • Twins – everything you receive – you will receive doubly or with redoubled force
  • Triplets – unforeseen situations will appear in your life
  • Skinny baby – get ready for more difficult times
  • Many children – you will receive good news
  • Children in kindergarten – joyful moments are ahead of you
  • Children at school – you will cope with minor troubles
  • Communion children – something good will happen
  • Your own children – you feel happy and satisfied
  • Unknown children – you hide part of your personality from others
  • Children in water – your hopes will come true
  • Black children – changes and a sense of loss are coming
  • Children from the orphanage – your expectations have not been fulfilled
  • Dead children – change your attitude towards your own children

Mystic dreambook – meaning of the dream children

  • When you dream of children playing, it is a sign that something will soon happen in your life that you will be pleased about.
  • Pretty and cheerful children herald you joy and good health.
  • Small children inform that you will enjoy your perfect financial situation for a long time.
  • A large number of children is an inauspicious sign because it heralds problems and difficulties that are likely to appear before you soon.
  • Bathing children means that the hopes you have been hiding and suppressing inside you until now will be unexpectedly fulfilled.
  • Dead children are a harbinger of many problems and serious worries you will soon have to face. The exact meaning applies to the motif of crying children.

To dream of children implies your desire to return to a more innocent time when you were not burdened by problems or troubles of the adult world. You want to enjoy life and be free of responsibilities and obligations. Perhaps there are goals that you regret not being able to achieve. You should allow this child to develop and see if there is some aspect of your life that needs to flourish.

To dream that your own grown children are still very young suggests that you are fearful of them not needing you in their life. You want them to always rely on you as a parent.


To dream that you are watching children that you do not know signifies that you possess some attribute or trait that has yet to be discovered.

To save a child represents your fear of losing some inner aspect of your personality or character.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Children

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