Children are synonymous with innocence and hope. They symbolize living honestly and spontaneously.

A dream about a child can mean your weaknesses but also happiness, fulfillment of dreams, success, and rebirth.


Dreams about children are also associated with habits and ideas that are cherished by you.

Dream meaning child


A dream about a little girl means that you have many dreams and are full of the strength to realize them. The dream also shows that you are ready to face challenges.


The dreambook foretells happy times in your family. You may also receive good news. Positive changes will affect you or your loved ones.


The dream foretells profits and success. The dreambook states that you are confident and will perform well in new situations. You can boldly make decisions on new contracts, transactions, and investments.


A dream about a daughter augurs prosperity but also contains a warning not to neglect the child-parent relationship, no matter how old your children are.

Birth of a child

The dream means great friends can help you whenever you need it. The birth of a new life also signifies new beginnings, a new path, and favorable, promising changes. It is also a new stage of life that puts you in new circumstances.


To give birth to a child

The dream signifies good changes, a chance for development, and a happy ending to some project matter. A dream about giving birth to a baby can also mean expenses or a change in life priorities.


If a newborn baby is sleeping in your dream, the dream symbolizes success at work; if the baby is crying, it means you will have to fight a battle for yourself.

The dream also indicates that you will spend a lot of time playing, but you still have a small child inside you.

To change the baby

The dreambook tells you to be careful in dealing with other people. Control your emotions, and try to be empathetic and understanding, especially with the elderly and close people.

Baby with poop in the diaper

If you dream that you have to change the baby and you find poop in the diaper, the meaning of the dream symbolizes unexpected money. The dreambook also claims that happiness will not leave you.

Crying baby

The dreambook claims that if you hear a baby crying in your dream, the good news is on the way. A baby crying in a dream can also mean a problem that is difficult to solve. However, complicated does not mean – impossible.

Crying baby

The dream means the loss of something; it can be something, but also an intangible value, such as the trust of someone or someone’s friendship. The dreambook explains the dream about a crying baby as a need for care and tenderness from others.

Smiling baby

The dream has a very positive meaning and predicts many happy moments. You need to notice them. Or you may miss the joy of a child, and you do not show emotions because you think it is inappropriate. Learn to enjoy what you have and take advantage of the world around you.


Small child

Seeing a small child in your dream, you can expect a solution to some problem that has dragged on for a long time. The dream can also mean an improvement in fortunes and personal growth.

You may not have grown up in the situation where you found yourself. You may want to return to your childhood years. The dreambook suggests that such a dream may also indicate your emotional immaturity.

Healthy, pretty child

The dream represents joy and achievement in your life. It means that you will achieve success. You can plan to start new tasks. All things will go your way.

Ugly baby

The dreambook explains that you may feel very disappointed. There will be problems that will affect your intimate life. Everything is worth discussing openly for two.

Baby in your arms

You are experiencing anguish and suffering because of someone close to you, you want to help him, but it causes you some problems. It is best to let everyone solve their own problems. If someone asks for help, then you offer it to him.

The dream’s meaning can also symbolize financial benefits and favorable changes in the professional sphere.

Baby in the hands of a man

The dream means wealth but also protection and security. You will feel confident financially, as well as mentally. This is a good time for growth, expanding your knowledge, developing your abilities, and developing your business.

Baby on your lap

Such a dream signifies difficulty, anguish, and great responsibility you feel toward someone. Verify your conduct and approach to this person. He may not need so much commitment from you. Or someone could help you.


Baby in a stroller

The meaning of the dream suggests that you will cope with the problem. The dream also means new opportunities, especially in the professional field. Perhaps a promotion awaits you, perhaps a new job offer or cooperation.

You are playing with a child.

Happy times with your family or in business await you. Playing with your child means a lot of happiness. Spend time with your family, and you won’t regret it. Good news will appear in connection with your work.

Feed the baby

The dream speaks of your financial stability. You feel that you are in your place.

You can see the path that will lead you to your desired success. If you don’t have a job or are dissatisfied with the one you have, now will be your chance to stabilize your professional situation.


To see a mother breastfeeding her baby in a dream is a sign of joy and peace. The dream can also mean that you have a need to be loved, and this need is not satisfied. Another dream meaning says that you can expect good news.

Baby with a bib

Seeing in a dream a baby wearing a bib, you can expect on waking a good relationship with your partner. The improvement will be seen in various spheres of your life. It is worth ensuring that good relations remain in your relationship for a long time.

You are teaching a child

A dream that you are teaching a child may signal that you are facing some difficulties in your relationship. It may be time to take control of the situation. Don’t get carried away, but talk honestly with your partner about anything that causes you concern.

Child in kindergarten

The dream is a sign that happy times are coming for you. You will have reasons to be happy. Something good will happen in your life. Show more affection to your loved ones, and you will see how your relationships will change.


Adult in kindergarten

The dream’s meaning can mean that you will have difficulties and problems in the financial sphere and solid mental experiences. Remember that everything is manageable but takes time and firm, sensible decisions.

You are at school with the children.

The meaning of the dream suggests that your mental and financial situation is not the best. Be careful, and pay more attention to what is happening around you. Take care of yourself, relax, and spend more time with people you like.

Naughty child

You think you are better than others. Your behavior toward others can be crucial in many situations. Be careful about your attitudes and decisions, and try to be more humble, because you may lose too much.

You are punishing a child.

The dreambook warns you to have more control over your impulses and desires.

Stop acting on the spur of the moment and emotions; you may hurt someone dear to you or seriously injure yourself. The dream is a sign that you feel power over people. The dreambook admonishes that you need humility. Start treating everyone equally.

Falling child

The dreambook advises you to be careful about the projects you are working on. Please pay attention to your co-workers or subordinates, and control their work well. You should also take another look at the contracts.

The child falls into the water.

The dream can mean the loss of something emotional, something you enjoyed very much. If you save the child in the dream, you will regain what you lost.

Child in water

The dream foretells positive changes if the water is evident in your dream. Your affairs may become complicated, delayed, or even fail if it is murky and dirty.


A child fell out of a window.

The dream symbolizes dilemmas. Perhaps you are experiencing something that makes you emotionally torn, and you don’t know how to act so as not to offend or harm someone. Listen to your own intuition.

You are saving a child

The dream means you are trying to protect your innocence and who you really are.

You are going through a difficult time and doing everything you can so that life does not destroy your dreams, worldview, and hopes.

Disabled child

The dream signals obstacles to your goals, dreams, or daily activities. It also means uncertainty and fear. Negative emotions will have to be tamed, and find a way to cope with the new situation.

A child with Down syndrome

The dream signifies positive emotions. It announces or encourages you to be happy, derives joy from the most spartan daily events, and sees positive things in every situation.

Sick child

You can expect problems in family life. However, you will not be without fault; jealousy will provoke many of them. The dream also foretells a loss. Try to prevent it. There may also be financial problems, so do not flaunt your money.

Child vomiting

The dream means cleansing, removing the problem, and cutting off difficult memories and experiences. You will finally get rid of what was tormenting you, holding you back from moving forward. You will feel decidedly better.

Child in the hospital

The dream symbolizes trouble. When faced with a problem, look for solutions and help, and do not give in to negative emotions. Act carefully and try to avoid any problems. Pay attention to your business and health.


Dying child

The dream admonishes you to pay attention to something because it is something vital that you may miss. If the child survives, you will get it; if he dies – the opportunity will be lost.

Dead baby

The dream means that something you are betting on or working on will be suspended or interrupted. The dream can also mean concern for the health of someone close to you. Seeing a child dead in a dream can also mean the end of responsibility for someone or something.

The dreambook indicates that you will soon go through difficult times. You may be in financial trouble.

Child in a coffin

The dream foretells failures and worries; try to avoid them, be foresighted and take proper care of your loved ones. The dream can also mean the end or interruption of something, such as work or effort. However, this does not mean that you will not return to them again in some time.

Losing a child

You are overwhelmed by unsolvable problems and need help figuring out where to start. Mistakes will continue, and desperation will increase. You must get help from someone you trust. There is certainly a light at the end of the tunnel.

You adopt a child

The dream means that your true friends value you and will be ready to help you when you need them. Their help increases your chances of success.

Kidnapped child

A kidnapped child in a dream means some trouble. If someone kidnaps your child, the dream may signify your concern for them and excessive worry. It may also suggest that you are taking on too many responsibilities.

To lose a child

If we dream that we left our child somewhere for a while running our errands. Then we can’t find him; it is a sign that on waking, we are exhausted by the pile of issues on our minds, and everything completely overwhelms us.


Stranger’s child

A dream about a child unknown to you can mean new situations or ideas. It could also be neglected responsibilities that you should take over.

There will be new ideas, something you could only pin down after. A new project may be the solution you have been looking for a long time.

Dream meaning of a child

  • Girl – you are ready to face challenges
  • Boy – you will receive good news
  • Son – you are confident and will prove yourself in new situations
  • Daughter – do not neglect your relationship with your children
  • Birth of a child – a new stage of life is ahead of you
  • Give birth to a child – it will be necessary to change life priorities
  • Infant – you still have a small child inside you
  • Changing the baby – control your emotions, try to be understanding
  • Baby with poop in the diaper – happiness will not leave you
  • Crying baby – the good news is on the way
  • Crying baby – you need care and tenderness
  • Smiling baby – many joyful moments are ahead of you
  • A small child – you will solve a problem that began a long time ago
  • Healthy, pretty baby – all things will go your way
  • Ugly baby – you may feel disappointed
  • Baby in your arms – you want to help someone, but it causes you a problem
  • Baby in the hands of a man – you will feel confident; it is a good time for development
  • Baby on your lap – you feel a lot of responsibility for someone, or rightly so?
  • Baby in a stroller – there will be new opportunities in the professional field.
  • You play with a child – luck will favor you.
  • Feed the baby – you feel that you are in your place
  • Breastfeed – you can expect good news
  • Baby with a bib – your relationship with your partner will improve
  • Teaching a child – talk to your partner about anything that raises your concerns
  • Child in kindergarten – you will have reasons to be happy
  • Adult in kindergarten – you will have problems in the financial sphere
  • You are at school with children – take care of yourself, and spend more time with people you like.
  • Naughty child – your behavior toward others can be crucial in many situations.
  • You punish a child – control your emotions, treat everyone equally
  • Falling child – keep an eye on your work and co-workers
  • Child falls into the water – you will lose something, but you may be able to regain it in time
  • Child in water – changes are coming in some essential matters for you
  • The child fell out of the window – you are experiencing dilemmas
  • You rescue a child – you are trying to protect your privacy
  • A child with a disability – there will be some obstacles to your goals or dreams
  • Down syndrome child – see the positive in every situation
  • Sick child – jealousy will provoke problems
  • Child vomits – get rid of the problem, cut off difficult memories
  • Child in the hospital – do not neglect your business and health
  • Dying child – something important you may miss
  • Dead child – something will be interrupted or suspended
  • Child in a coffin – try to avoid problems, be foresighted
  • Losing a child – you are overwhelmed by problems, get help from someone you trust
  • You adopt a child – you have devoted friends
  • Kidnapped child – you are taking on too many responsibilities
  • Foreign child – new ideas will appear

Mystic dreambook – the meaning of the dream child

It is a harbinger of future prosperity and happiness if you dream of seeing a baby.

When you dream of giving birth to a child, it is a sign that you are faced with an opportunity to develop or dramatically change your life.

A child born in a man’s dream signifies setbacks on emotional grounds or a breakup of a previous relationship. If this symbol appears in the dream of people with a dire economic situation, it foretells its imminent improvement. For wealthy people, it can foretell a decrease in their possessions, while for travelers – a quick return to their native country.

An infant appearing in the dream of a woman having a child augurs unspecified happiness.

A dead baby foretells problems and worries.


If you dream of holding a baby for baptism, it is a sign that religion will soon become important to you.

When you look at a sleeping baby, it foreshadows a bright, happy future for you. When you feed it – some disappointment awaits you.

A child playing foretells joy and contentment, learning something – general happiness.

A child who is sick, falling down, screaming, or arguing with someone announces stagnation in business and an unfavorable professional situation.

Suppose a skinny child appears in your dream. In that case, it foreshadows the deterioration of your economic situation, and, most likely, such a state will last even a few years. At the same time, a fat one heralds good fortune.

A dying child foreshadows an unexpected success you should have soon.

When you see a child playing with his peers in a dream, it foreshadows good fortune, especially on emotional grounds.

If you dream that you murder a child, it is a sign that you will be the cause of your big problems.


A drowning child signals that you are afraid of losing your identity and independence, while a disabled one means that unexpectedly someone will give you help in some matter.

If you dream of arguing with a group of children, it is a sign that you have a good reputation and need not fear gossip about yourself.

When you dream that you are a child, it signals that you should take all significant decisions more carefully and look at them in terms of your past experiences.

When you dream that you are a child and it is terrible for you, it is a sign that on waking, someone has hurt you badly, and you will not be able to cope without the support of your loved ones.

Seeing a child with his mother in a dream signals that you should care more for your health and physical condition.

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