Chaff dream dictionary


Chaff dream dictionary

Chaff – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Chaff points out to the fact that one deals too much with insignificant things. Sometimes it is also understood as a symbol of the prosperity.



  • brings together one on the threshing floor only chaff, he becomes without work money if, however, more grain than chaff, to more considerable wealth come, admittedly, with bigger work.
  • your property will evaporate.

(European ones).:

  • overcoming a murky time, – your plans will not succeed to you, – pointless and fruitless enterprises and a bad health which prepares big worries,
  • then

  • Dreaming a Mrs. von Spreuhaufen, will spend them many hours with pointless and bad gossip what introduces her one bad call. As a result their husband who would have provided, otherwise, for her maintenance leaves them.


  • see: you will reach to prosperity, honour and wealth.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Chaff

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