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Meaning of dream Celery :
Celery dream dictionary

Celery – Dream Symbol Interpretation

  • see: are loaded by certain side,
  • eat: you go towards dear joys, – (9, – 29)
  • cook: you search a strong friend.

(European ones).:

  • is careful in the choice of your contact, – also: if means good health and domestic comfort,
  • freshly and crisp celery poles: one will be richer and more high-powered than one ever dared to hope,
  • see rotting: a death soon occurs in the family,
  • eat: are presented with limitless love and affection,
  • Eating a young woman him together with her lover, she comes to big possession.


  • eat: you are invited, – big joy,
  • shop: Love affair.

Celery - dream interpretation and meaning
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