Cedar dream dictionary


Cedar dream dictionary

Cedar – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Key words: Evergreen, – strength, – nourishing (physically and spiritually), – burning incense, – cleaning, – cleaning, – piercing, – wisdom, – Mudjekeewis, western guardian of the mind. Description: The cedar which is associated with the west and with Mudjekeewis, the western guardian of the mind, is an evergreen tree which seems worldwide. She plays a prominent role in the Smudging ceremony, in the Räucherung, – her needles as well as her internal bark can be burnt for this purpose, and the besides originating smoke has a very cleaning effect. In former times the natives close to the earth have used America the wood of the cedar for the construction of houses and canoes, but also to the production of clothes, ceremonial and other objects. General meaning: The practical aspect of your spiritual nature, – a realistic picture of your spiritual nature, – a deep cleaning. Association: Landmarks of Lebanon. Transcendent meaning: Gift of old wisdom, – a strengthening within the dream state, – help with an illness.



  • of long, healthy life.

(European ones).:

  • honourable future,
  • green, well-shaped: announce a pleasing success in an enterprise,
  • deadly or ill: it expects to desperation, – one will not achieve his aims.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Cedar

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