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Cart dream dictionary

Cart – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Carts stands mostly for the duties and other charges which hinder the life, – this is valid above all when one pulls a cart with stones or pushes. Nevertheless, almost always it is of the carts which we must pull from the mud. If he is loaded overfull, we possibly lug round something with ourselves which causes grief to us, perhaps, an illness which diminishes our psychic loading capacity. In this case we should consult a doctor. The old Egyptians believed if a stranger to carts moves, any members of the family would be threatened.



  • see or go: do not lose the courage if your shops are also not shining, – also: Work without wage, – illness,
  • a full-loaded push: Worries in informal things stand in the house which will cost substantial energy and efforts,
  • other see pushing one: one should watch out that a disagreeable load is not encumbered, – from which one can escape only hard.


  • A hard, busy time prophesies this symbol. It recommends to practice itself in patience and perseverance. Since we can experience the close future only without losses if we take together all our forces and use our whole will. It is a matter of canalising the forces.

(European ones).:

  • the worries about the occupation, the life, is felt as a burden like a cart of full stones,
  • see: announced that planned shops will run off by no means flatly, – heavy work, – tells an illness in, – also: bad news of friends or relatives,
  • see hardly loaded one: one should escape from mental ballast,
  • push: Decline, setting, menacing end, – one encumbers itself with a big load which one will not be able to carry in the long run,
  • move: more laboriously, but sure salary,
  • pull one with stones to loaded ones: if means a useless effort,
  • Playing at the moment of such a dream a love affair a role, so this means the loss of own freedom of will as well as stupidities of all kind,
  • If lovers together in it go, they will be loyal in spite of the intrigues more different,
  • on one sit: Bad luck and a lot of work will fill the time which one to the food of the family starts,
  • go: one will succeed in business and other things,
  • in the mud putting: high time all loads, worries and duties is to be checked.


  • move: in future a lot will change with you.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Cart

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