Carnival dream dictionary


Carnival dream dictionary

Carnival – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – unrestrained pleasure, – freedom of restrictions. Question: – Where in my life I would like to fall from the frame?


Earlier one committed the carnival than a ritual ‘religious’ party in which it came to sexual excesses, the orgies. The drunkenness of the sexuality was experienced. However, the ritual orgy had in contrast to the today’s group sex probably rather biological reasons. However, the dream symbol of the carnival mostly deals nothing more with the former meanings. For the interpretation it depends rather on the whole connection of the dream and the setting of the dreaming to the carnival. Carnival expresses the wish for more change, – if one disguises himself, one often searches a brief, mostly erotic adventure. The time, in ‘everything permits’ is, falseness (mask) also symbolises without remorse. Who more often dreams (and not at all particularly pleasedly) of carnival scenes, it can understand as a tip that he hides his sensations ‘behind a mask’ – he should go out more ‘from himself’. If one went in the dream to the carnival: How was one dressed up? Did the carnival procession simply pass in only? This would mean that one escapes what has to offer the awake life. If one runs away from him – dreamt – carnival tumult startled or made sick, it means fear with own high spirits – or that one credits with no much too spontaneous, ‘wild’ feelings himself (or she does not want to realise). In any case, one presents himself different than one is.



(European ones).:

  • indicates business worries,
  • see: brings new acquaintances,
  • take part in it in disguising: if an adventure tells in, – also: promises the pleasure of a certain unusual pleasure or a relaxation,
  • others dressed up see: one will spend an amusing evening,
  • inappropriate costumes see: signalled discord at home, bad shops and not answered love.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Carnival

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