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Cannon – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Symbol for a ‘immense’ energy unloading – a ‘power dream’ which concludes by an especially strong ability of getting through, but also by a huge ‘strength of the desires’ (sexuality and sensuousness, intensely lived out). The closer communication arises from the dream action if one himself fires a cannon, the called qualities are valid for the dreamer – if one sees working somebody with the cannon, this person is the ‘dynamic’ key player of the dream – and has seen it possibly on the dreaming. She also sometimes appears in reminiscent dreams which remind us of a presently precarious situation. She moves us as a means of defence of our soul into fear and terror, so that we assert ourselves in the awake life better.



  • see: your property will suffer damage, – also: you have a certain aim in the eye, – a time of the need and poverty approaches if one does not watch out for aggressive, self-opinionated people,
  • several see: One should appear to forthcoming joyless news. It can concern, on this occasion, a deception, or other annoyance will embitter to one the life.
  • fire: a big celebration celebrate,
  • see firing: it will be prepared for you by different side grief and worry.

(European ones).:


    Dream interpretation and meaning : Cannon

  • announces Widerwärtigkeiten you will clear your way, – also: Home and country are in danger of being attacked by the foreign countries, and that the youth suffers from the dangers of the war,
  • see in peacetime: if brings fear and misfortune, – also: Bad news about a big annoyance or a deception the life brings warning of frictions and possible defeats, – one leads an enterprise, nevertheless, the success can still appear after many worries and misses, – hard will make,
  • is shot with the cannons: one will reach in an extremely disagreeable situation and had to go more carefully his around a misfortune to avoid,
  • see firing as a salute: you will attain power,
  • with one shoot: if honour and the birth of an excellent person registers,
  • roars of guns hear: one will receive good news,
  • see cannon ball: one will be released from all dangers,
  • If a young woman cannons hears or sees, then she will marry a soldier and wish him luck, while he moves in her defence and honour in the war.


  • see firing: by a friend you find out the things which will not please you
  • see: bad times come about you.

Cannon - dream interpretation and meaning
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