Cancer dream dictionary


Cancer dream dictionary

Cancer – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – hard bowl, soft core. Question: – Am I übersensibel?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Pinch, – scissors, – sea, – clip, – cancer. Description: A cancer is a crustacean with a round body, a short tail and a pair of scissors which are rather sharp and absolutely able to clutch. Many cancer kinds are eatable and are looked as a delicacy. General meaning: The areas in which you clutch, – things which you need to let go, – things which are not to you any more longer from use, – toughness, staying power, even with big difficulties. Association: Star signs, – to problems (sidelong) from the way go, – old wisdom, – fatal illness. Transcendent meaning: Gift of the staying power within the dream or in the life.



The cancer lives in the sea and, therefore, is in the dream mostly a tip to the life energy. He lives secludedly and goes in contrast to other animals often backward. Therefore, in the dream he can stand as a symbol for strong unaware psychic processes and negative sides of the emotional life. The cancer sometimes appears death messenger or sign for misfortune in the dream. The extremely danderous illness is not mostly meant with it, even if one feels suffering from cancer in the dream, but the animal who mostly inserts the reverse gear with danger – the picture circumscribes as it were the possible Zurückführung on a way for which one has gone already once and would be for us at the moment probably the most usual. The animal can only sometimes point out cancer in the dream to the illness Cancer or on something what threatens to eat up the dreaming in the figurative sense. However, a cancer in the dream can also be a tip to mothering, in particular on ‘of all oppressive’ love, but also on unreliability and selfaddiction. Because of his unusual locomotion manner the cancer is interpreted in the dream often also as an underhandedness. Cancer mostly announces success by strenuous work if one catches him or consumes. If one sees one, warns also often about wrong friends.


The cancer is one of twelve astrological signs and, moreover, symbolises the big mother. It is a symbol of the resurrection, because he changes the tank.



  • The cancer means a cunning and incorrigible guy because the animal has a crooked way.
  • Finding somebody a sea cancer or crayfish, he will deal with a cunning, nevertheless poor Schlucker which spends the night at the court of the emperor or in the doors of the tallness because the sea points to the court of the emperor, the river on the tallness of the country.
  • Seeming it one, he eats a cancer or a shellfish, he will have of such a person a modest use and attain health, – then shellfish deliver all sorts of medicaments to the person every now and then.
  • Dreaming somebody, he eats rotten mussels, oysters or similar shellfish, he will fall ill.
  • see: Disagreement, decline of your shops, – also: Illness in suit,
  • eat: you will succeed, – also: Improvement of the financial situation,
  • catch: Luck in the love.


  • you have – to all gloomy predictions in spite of – health and balance before yourselves if you remain on your way. The sign recommends perseverance and permanence – and if necessary also in shop take of a small detour. (Man


(European ones).:

  • means that one should be careful in his decisions,
  • see (cancer): Signs of the coming difficulties in the shops (1 step before, three steps back),
  • see (lobster): one will come to good property relations,
  • see (crabs): Decline of the shops,
  • catch: a strenuous work will find good wage,
  • order one: one will occupy high-powered posts and have many Subordinate,
  • to salad processes: though the success does not corrupt the great must, however, one enjoys to the full the pleasure completely,
  • eat: one will get an infection because one gets involved too thoughtlessly with happy-go-lucky people, – also: the financial situation will clearly improve.


  • catch: you are marrying, – luck in a marriage thing,
  • see: wrong friends will come to guest,
  • eat: Luck in all.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Cancer

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