Butter dream dictionary


Butter dream dictionary

Butter – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Wideness, – taste. Question: – For which reward do I starve?


A symbol for the ‘small luck’ – ‘everything in butter’. Own life has his reassuring order, and nobody must suffer lack. Quite differently: If objects of value are smeared with butter or one slips on a piece of butter – then it is level this small luck which one finds not at all worthwhile. One rejects every lower middle-class life-style – or one wants to reach more and despises all average.

  • butter can stand in respect with the need for more love, tenderness and sexual contacts, above all when one himself makes butter.
  • Who watches while making butter, can be easily unterbuttered by others.
  • the health good after old dream books should promise

  • consumed one the butter. However, maybe the symbol also points to carried too far self-interest or flatteries more different for which one should watch out.
  • dishing up

  • Becoming them in the dream, she mostly promises good, – then she gives to strength to bring new happily to an end.
  • Who coats his bread with butter, should be successful after an old national wisdom by own energy.



  • hit or make: glad view, – a cosy life have, – wealth enters,
  • shop: you incline to the waste,
  • on the bread smudge: something dear happens to you,
  • eat: Tiff with friends, – disagreements, – you stand in the middle of the luck,
  • old: unforeseen expenditures approach,
  • rancid ones see or smell: a suspicion turns out entitled,
  • rancid ones eat: Quarrel with friends is to be expected.

(European ones).:

  • it food worries can be expressed with it, but also sexual inclinations, – usually good meaning has, – times of the prosperity, – slightly earned money, – business things succeed,
  • see: something what one would like to conceal will come out,
  • refines: meant a good year,
  • rancid ones: if means defamation, – also: hard craft work,
  • refines eat: if health brings, – be blest with possession and knowledge,
  • make: Longing for tenderness, – also: can count on a cash allowance,
  • stroke butter on bread: Luck and success,
  • for single: quick engagement or marriage,
  • artificial ones: Annoyance, envy or illness,
  • sell: with must be contented a little.


  • you neglects your friends,
  • shop: think now, finally, of the saving.


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