Brothel dream dictionary


Brothel dream dictionary

Brothel – Dream Symbol Interpretation

To dream of a brothel, refers to the wish for sexual freeing and freedom. One should find out of a mental conflict and search the contact with people who bring the mental again ‘on person in front’ without moral inhibitions. To sleep with a prostitute, therefore, means a profit in experience of life, however, points in some cases also to dissatisfied sexual needs and to edged out pleasurable sensations in the awake life. If a man dreams, he is in a brothel, can express this his fear of women or he is curious of new, foreign ‘border-valued’ desire experiences. If a woman dreams, she is in a brothel, she is not yet in the harmony with her sexuality. The symbol for the business with the sexuality wants to say: You sell – or your disposition – and pretend from calculation.


In this dream scenario the darker side of the female manifests itself. A brothel can also be an expression of the spiritual guilt which a man feels towards women.



The traffic with Hetäre in brothels means on the one hand a small scandal and slight issues, – then men who get involved with these people, are ashamed and pay in addition. On the other hand, Hetären are in view of every plan of good premeaning, – they will unite from the ‘commercial-competent’ called, and they reveal themselves without opposing. A good sign is more distant it if one enter a house of ill repute and unshorn again can leave, because the opposite indicates evil. I know somebody to whom it dreamt, he goes in to a brothel and does not find out any more, and few days ago he died and the dream experience came true quite consistently in him, – then a house of ill repute a common place is called just as a cemetery, and a lot of human seed perishes there. This place resembles quite of course the death. Nevertheless, the women’s rooms have nothing commonly with the place, – they themselves do not mean luck, only the place. Therefore, it is more favorable to see vagabonding Hetären in the dream. Are also luck-bringing those who display before the brothel her charms which sell something and collect the dear wage, indifferently whether one only sees them or operates with them. It dreamt one, he looks his woman before a brothel sit, excited with a purple garment, and I interpreted to him the dream face, while I went out neither from the garment nor from the seat still from another secondary matter, but only from the brothel. The dreaming became a customs officer, – his activity was because shameless, however, one looks at the craft or the occupation of the dreaming as an effigy of his wife.


(European ones).:

  • in one be: because of his extravagance are compromised.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : Brothel

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