Broadcast dream dictionary


Broadcast dream dictionary

Broadcast – Dream Symbol Interpretation

The spark for the purposes of a brain wave is a symbolic tip on the germ (beginning) for a creative potential which if it receives enough opportunity in addition substantially can disappear. If the dreaming perceives a spark, he is aware of the potential by which desired processes can be released. Because the spark stands at the same time for the old strength of the life, the dreaming must make to himself his own desire for the life deliberate. If they spray, one himself will be able to spray with joy. Here is from the catching fire sparks the speech which kindle the fire of the love and promise with it wedding or wedded bliss. In the negative sense they can let arise, admittedly, also a fire.


At the spiritual level the spark stands for fire and with it for the love. It is the old strength of the life without which no one could live.




  • are met by spraying ones: bad premeaning, – one should watch out for risky shops,
  • flying ones: happy end of a plan, – also: somebody thinks of you and needs you,
  • see going out: Hopelessness.

(European ones).:

  • see: tells good income in,
  • see in smiths: for younger people marriage, for older harmonious domestic lives.


  • see flying: you can be glad about your shops very much.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Broadcast

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