Bridegroom dream dictionary


Bridegroom dream dictionary

Bridegroom – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – male activity and energy. Question: – Which connection am I ready to come?


To dream of a bridegroom, ordinarily points to the wish, to be married or to find a partner. The need to provide for another person and to be responsible steps openly. This symbol puts a connection here to the ‘romantic’ side of the dreaming. However, it can also concern rather oriented to mind instead of around an emotional wish for partnership. It is important for the dreaming to produce a connection with the male propelling events. Spiritually. A bridegroom in the dream can represent the wish of the dreaming for responsibility for other people or after power.




  • A bridegroom tells to see that during the next days some unexpected delays are arisen which give occasion to one or other disappointment. In the dream to kiss a bridegroom, could mean even that during the coming days a very disagreeable event with far-reaching consequences will enter. The dream sign recommends to the dreamer, to be circumspect and patient and to work furthermore after plan. (Woman


(European ones).:

  • see: quick wedding in the circle of friends or relative’s circle,
  • his kiss: meant a small quarrel with this,
  • with him argue: one will be surprised by him pleasantly.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Bridegroom

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