Breath dream dictionary


Breath dream dictionary

Breath – Dream Symbol Interpretation

The symbol for life par excellence. To whom the breath ‘stays away’, that is stiff before fear – who does not breathe any more, is dead. The emotional state of a person often has effects on his respiratory rate. Raised respiratory rate can be ‘translated’ in the dream, for example, into a panic attack. If one is complete out of breath and sinks exhausted in the armchair, one should throttle the life tempo and find time to breathe deeply ‘finally, deeply’. If one breathes under water, this one instinctive return explains in the womb. If the breathing of another person is consciously experienced in the dream, this could be a tip to the fact that one needs the sympathy and the understanding of this person. If a dreaming to his breath perceives in the dream consciously, this his deep connection with the life indicates. The free breathing is valid as a symbol for free development of the energy as well as for mental and physical balance. If the dreaming must struggle, however, for breath or he threatens too suffocate, this must be seen as a token for an interference of the personality development. If such a dream more often seems and releases strong frightened feelings, this points either to a physical illness or to a mental disturbance.


The breath is the symbol for the soul. The breath is the strength of the mind and the life-making a donation energy.



(European ones).:

  • pure, fresh breath: exemplary behaviour, – tolerable business transactions,
  • bad breath: Illness, – intrigues,
  • out of breath be: the coming difficulties,
  • breathlessness: if signals failure where success seemed sure.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Breath

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