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The breast symbolizes motherhood, protection, and love. Women’s breasts mainly represent such feelings as love, sexual desire, motherhood, and feminization.

A dream about breasts foretells abundance, happiness, blossoming of feelings, and professional success, but also the desire to start a family or the fear of this step.


Dreambook breasts

To see breasts

Seeing breasts in a dream is a prediction that you will have many positive events at work. If in a dream you see breasts of very different sizes it is a warning: do not waste your time with those who do not deserve it.

A man who dreams about breasts, according to the Dreambook, is looking for maternal care. The dream can also indicate sexual desire.

The meaning of the dream about breasts means motherhood relating to a sense of protection, feelings of belonging, and peace. You may need to get out of a routine. If you have gone through difficult times, you should remove yourself from what you are eating now.

To rest your head on breast

According to Dreambook, you will make new friends. This will be one of the greatest friendships in your whole life, lasting, stable, and sincere. Do not miss this opportunity.

To touch breast

The meaning of the dream suggests sexual anxiety. On the one hand, you may be concerned about your interactions with the opposite sex and fear that your behavior will cause misunderstandings; on the other hand, the dream reflects a desire for sex.

Caressing breasts

The dream foreshadows love and happiness and encourages you to look at yourself differently. It shows who you are, what you want, and the feelings you carry inside. It also shows what you want to hide.


Large breasts

Seeing exaggeratedly large breasts in a dream is a sign of abundance and prosperity. The dream signifies health and a happy life. The meaning of the dream also suggests that your desires will be fulfilled.

Small breasts

The dream means that you will have difficulties, but it will be worth the trouble because the result will turn out to be satisfactory. Do not give up and pursue your chosen goal.

Breasts of different sizes

The meaning of the dream reveals that you feel that you are missing something. If you are in a relationship with someone who does not give you enough attention, affection, or love Dreambook suggests that it is not worth wasting time for those who do not deserve you.

Another meaning of the dream reveals that some situation worries you a lot. Remember that for every problem there is a solution, and you must face problems with your head held high. Nothing can stand in your way more than yourself, you are your own greatest enemy.

Hairy breasts

Dreambook warns that you will have to fight to achieve what you want. The dream can also be a sign of masculine traits – the need to have them, for example, to settle an issue or achieve something.

Ugly breasts

If you dream about your breasts getting smaller, shrinking, or becoming ugly, it means that you may be upset and worried because of illness or increased expenses. It may also mean that there will be twists and turns in love and you may be saddened by the departure of your partner.

Sagging breasts

The meaning of the dream announces a visit from a relative you have not seen for a long time. The dream about sagging breasts also means that your body is weak. It is necessary to take care of yourself. Review your diet and do a check-up. Maybe you need rest?

Sick breasts (breast injury).

If you see in your dream swelling, injury, or inflammation of the breast Dreambook recommends that you take care of your health, take more time to rest, change your diet, or start an active lifestyle. It is worth addressing changes in habits in the whole family.


Swollen breasts

If in your dream your breasts are swollen with milk, get ready for a moment of prosperity in your life, especially in the family environment. You can also expect economic stability. If your breasts are swollen due to illness, injury, or accident, Dreambook recommends that you take care of your health and that of your family.

If you dream about swollen breasts and dripping milk, it means that your life is happy and spiritually rich. This is a very asset dream. If you are a woman such a dream can also indicate a desire for sexual desire or a maternal desire to have a child.

False breasts

Dreambook warns: do not succumb to illusions. Appearance should not determine your choices or opinions. This dream is a call for you not to let yourself be carried away by appearances.

Several breasts

A dream that you have many breasts may indicate that you have a strong desire to have a child. If you panic in your sleep, pay more attention to your health and that of your loved ones.


A dream about breastfeeding a child is a good sign, indicating a happy life, fulfillment of desires, and steady gains.

The sight of a mother breastfeeding her baby in a dream is a sign of joy and peace. If you were the one who was breastfed, it means that you are missing closeness, love, and feeling affection. Perhaps you are longing for someone close to you.

Summary of dream meanings of breasts

  • To see breasts – expect positive events at work.
  • To rest your head on the breast – you will meet new and wonderful friends
  • To touch breasts – you have problems in the sexual sphere
  • Caressing breasts – take a look at yourself from another side
  • Large breasts – your desires will be fulfilled
  • Small breasts – do not give up and pursue your goals
  • Breasts of different sizes – you feel that something is missing
  • Hairy breasts – you will have to fight to achieve your goal
  • Ugly breasts – something is bothering you
  • Sagging breasts – expect a visit from a relative you haven’t seen in a long time
  • Sick breasts (breast injury) – take care of your health, rest more
  • Swollen breasts – you have happy moments ahead of you in the family circle
  • False breasts – do not succumb to illusions
  • Several breasts – pay more attention to health
  • Breastfeed – before you have a happy life, fulfillment of desires

Dreambook mystical breasts

In general, this symbol can mean that in waking life you have some unmet sexual needs.

  • If in a dream you see beautiful breasts in a woman, it is a prediction of some kind of nice surprise.
  • If you see breasts in a beautiful girl, it is a sign that soon some of your latent dreams will come true.
  • When you see breasts under clothes, it means that you will completely lose your head for someone.
  • Too large breasts appearing in your dream augurs a period of prosperity ahead.
  • Small breasts augur some unpleasantness for you.
  • When you dream that you are touching breasts, it is a signal from your subconscious not to be afraid to fulfill your dreams.
  • Caressing someone’s breasts foretells that you will succeed in evoking good feelings in someone.
  • Flaccid breasts foreshadow trouble and worry for you.
  • When you dream that you have unnaturally large breasts, it augurs good fortune for you.
  • When you dream that you show your breasts in public, it means that your affection towards a person will be reciprocated.
  • If you dream that you see a baby at your breast, it is a prediction of pending good fortune in personal matters.
  • If in a dream you hold a baby at your breast, it means that you miss your family home very much.
  • When in a dream you were wounded at the breast, it means that you will not succeed in winning the heart of a loved one.
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