Breast dream dictionary


Breast dream dictionary

Breast – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Chest: Life fullness, – generosity. Female ones: feed, – female sexuality, – motherly love. Question: – Chest: Which experience would like I to enjoy to the full completely? Female ones: What do I feed? Which part by me wants to be loved?


One accepts which is this the part of the body of which is dreamt most often, – the breasts of a woman are the symbol for the motherly, life-preserving, nourishing, but also the spiritual food which is of benefit for the soul household. Although most people with the mind deny the need for mothering or ‘of suffocating love’, this wish still appears at the psychic level, above all if one stands under stress. From Freud understood as a sexual symbol infant which suggests to the baby sexual feelings towards the mother by whom he is nursed. This experience infant which expresses itself in a too strong mother’s connection of the dreamer above all also plays in man’s dreams a role. If a man dreams of mother’s breasts, this his unaware longing for his mother or for care explains. Breast often registers that one searches a close person for leaning, repose and weeping with which one can feel secure, – this often seems with isolated people. Breasts are often connected with nature and growth. They can mean that one lives through a phase of the personal development, spiritual clarification or the internal healing. She stands for the feeling more steadfast of internal security from which one solves all problems masterfully, can express itself in it. Breasts of the woman point often also to suppressed sexual needs which one should follow more. Other interpretations arise from the following accompanying circumstances in the dream:

  • in the breasts rest points to an immature personality which longs for the childhood, for the security and care in the mother’s breast, no own responsibility wants to take over.
  • a dream in which somebody rests in the breast of another points to the possibility to close a new and prolonged friendship.
  • A nice women’s breast can point to a heartening love affair and the breast of an old woman on the fear of lacking power.
  • big breasts often promise material success, while floppy breasts can warn about financial losses.
  • nursing of a baby in the breasts is valid as a general luck symbol.
  • Who is injured in the breast, maybe looks for mental correspondence or has at home grief.
  • Dreaming a woman that her breasts are to be seen by the clothes can indicate this the feeling that presently somebody she admires.


At the spiritual level the breasts stand for maternity, protection and love.


A healthy, healthy breast is a good portent, – straggly and close luck and profit grew hairs prophesied only to men, women against it Witwenschaft, – then is absent the man’s person for whom they clean themselves and maintain, they can go and become hairy. Women’s breasts are also luck-bringing if they show no tracks of illness. If they become even bigger in addition without losing her regularity and her charm, they promise increase in children. If she strikes, however, a suffering, they are, e.g., of full ulcers, they mean illness and if they drop, to the children of the dreaming the death. If children do not exist, they are the symbol of lack, often also from grief, particularly for women. These are in habit to disfigure to themselves with a bereavement the breasts. With a nurse it feeds a child, the face will come true in view of the baby. Many breasts have meant the same like this become greater the same, a woman also an adultery. To be wounded by any friend in the breast, saddening news announces old people from somewhere, while it have young to people both kinds of gender dear passion revealed. In own breasts to have milk promises to a young woman, she will conceive, deliver the child and give birth happily, – it means to an old, but poor woman prosperity, to a rich expenditure and a marriageable young girl the marriage, – then without conjugal traffic she can never have milk. To quite a small and still long to marriageable girls it does not prophesy the death. Since with low exceptions everything is what is not measured for the age step, by bad premeaning. To an arm nothing to live has, it promises money and property in the abundance, so that to eat others he still and drink can give. Often I have made the experience that this dream experience forecasts to an unmarried the marriage, to a childless child blessing. One got a so heart-good woman that it seemed to him, he divides desire and pain with her, the other brought up children. To an athlete, gladiator and everybody who goes in for sports it prophesies illness because only the weak gender has milk. I have still made the following observation: One which had woman and children lost his woman after this dream face and brought up his children, while he fulfilled the duties of father and mother in them at the same time. It dreamt to one, he has on the breast and on the back wool which had grown out there. He got the consumption and carried because of his suffering always something wishing on the breast. A woman dreamt, she has an eye on the right breast. She had a dearly loved son whose death she deplored soon afterwards violently, – then the breast stands for the child and the right side indicates the male gender of the child. The eye said: ‘Show on your child!’. A woman dreamt, from her breast wheat stalks have grown, snapped to themselves again in her shame zur├╝cksenkten. This person practiced as a result of an unforeseen fact without anticipating it, then, however, sexual intercourse with her own son, made them to her life an end and died wretchedly, – the stalks meant the son, the Hinabsenken in her shame the sexual union, while her bad destiny was indicated by the sowing emporgewachsene from her body, – then this is in habit to sprout from the earth and not from bodies.



  • The breast is a protection and weir for body and life of the person.
  • A being full and wide breast promises a long life and, the being full fullness immediately, big wealth. A soldier will stand in the fight to his man, bear a woman easily and give birth to many children.
  • Dreaming somebody, his breast has become narrow, weak or sore, he will go through many illnesses, live only briefly be poor a lot afflicted and.
  • the daughters mean without every doubt

  • The breasts. Beauty, luxuriant breasts prophesy joy in the daughters. If a suffering strikes the breasts or they are injured, illness threatens the daughters, – the dreamer has no daughters, will meet the evil the next female relatives.
  • a nice women’s breast: if luck promises in the love,
  • a wilted women’s breast: if misery announces,
  • have wide and highly arched ones: Wealth,
  • wounded have: Illness,
  • see wounded: loyal friendship,
  • with hair covered ones see: Dispersion,
  • see themselves with hairy breast: indicates that money comes to the house,
  • have for man – with hair covered: Health, – luck and profit,
  • have for woman – with hair covered: Verwitwung,
  • for woman – a hairy man’s breast see: a big love affair waits for you,
  • clarifies: Luck in the love,
  • with a baby: Joy in the married state,
  • nipples: Child blessing.

(European ones).:

  • are wounded in her: for young people a good and for old ones a bad sign,
  • see: pleasant surprise,
  • clarifies to a woman see: if a portent is for luck in the dear advertisement, – happy event,
  • of a nice girl see: Fulfilment of the most confidential wishes,
  • excessively big ones see: if a time of external prosperity,
  • promises

  • own full luxuriant girl’s breast: if big luck,
  • promises

  • excessively big ones have: Well-being,
  • grew hairs man’s breast: Win in the lottery,
  • incredibly level or wilted breast: is valid for losses, – worries, – poverty,
  • see child in the mother’s breast: a lot of luck in personal and private matters,
  • hold themselves a child in the breast: Homesickness,
  • lean in somebody against breast: loyal, real friendship.


  • The breast of the person points to the strength of his cleverness.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, his breast widens and arches powerfully, he becomes generous, gebefreudig, highly sweetly, incredibly during the war and be victorious, – a farmer will gain work bigger yields with his hands, be as diligent and diligent one from the common people.
  • Dreaming to the emperor, his breast has become narrow and smaller, he will be narrow-minded and be reproved because of his decrees hated and, – a man from the people will have to economise in his relations very much, – a woman will never bear.
  • it has the appearance as if your love was recompensed.


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