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Book dream dictionary

Book – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Information, – guidance, – accountancy. Question: – What try I to find out? Where do I look?


As a ‘book of the life’ interpreted. The contents sometimes indicate parallels to own life and the dreaming at the mind level looks for means and ways in his dream which help him to finish with what happens in his life. In dreams become the striving for knowledge and the ability to learn from the experiences and from the opinions of other people, by books and libraries symbolised. Both represents wisdom and spiritual consciousness. The following accompanying circumstances are also often still informative:

  • book stands for recollections, experiences and examination which the life to us has stamped.
  • If the title in the dream is recognizable, he can help in the individual other interpretation and give explanation about own spiritual position.
  • reading in the book can point out to the fact that one should give more attention to his experiences.
  • one has to fight

  • anxious one to himself in vain to grasp the read with the problems which are to be solved not easily.
  • purchase of a book promises future success because one will learn from experience.
  • a serious book should read on the fact point out that one will gain more respect.
  • Itself a book can write on discontent in the occupation and wish on professional changes point.
  • Trading a dream of calculation books, so this draws the attention of the dreaming to the need to look after his resources.
  • a novel seems, then it is a tip to alternative approaches. Besides, the kind of the novel plays a role. A historical novel, for example, can require that the dreaming should investigate his past, – however, a love story is the request to think about relations.
  • The colour of the book cover can be important for the interpretation (See under ‘colors’). Thus a lilac book is able give to recognise that one lacks assurance.
  • a white book can register that one lays a foundation for a successful enterprise.


A book – particularly a holy book, as for example the Bible or the Koran – symbolises confidential or holy knowledge. If a dream acts of it, this can express the need to look in the empire of the holy knowledge or to reinsure itself that one is on the right way.


A book means the life of the dreaming – then the people go through books immediately like the life – and the recollection of former events because the actions of the past times are held on in books. Consuming of books brings to educators, sophist and all who make her everyday bread by talking or books, use, – to all other people prophesies it abrupt death. It dreamt to one which lived away from home, he is founded there house and cooker and smears his books with loam instead of the stones, then, however, he differently decides, everything tears and stops with the construction. He fell ill seriously, got in extreme mortal danger, however, got away by the skin of the teeth with the life. House and cooker symbolise his life aim and with it the death, but because he did not make it, he stayed alive.



  • see: Dispersion,
  • on the table, openly: get advice of a good friend,
  • on the table, closed: one will reject you,
  • hold: you have secrets,
  • see reading or buy one: you find out interesting news,
  • read the useful or from it learn: business improvement,
  • write: big work and little salary,
  • burn: deceived hopes,
  • deal with many books: one is afraid to be demanded too much spiritually.


  • a book is a good message. It points to a contented everyday life and persistent progress. We should be eager to learn and think about the connections of the life. It also wants to encourage to search the spiritual and mental values of the life and to cultivate a little bit more. (Woman


(European ones).:

  • with the book the title is to be followed, – he is under circumstances ‘book of the Lebens’,-
  • in general: stands for peaceful and happy times which will soon come,
  • books in the shelve of an office indicate a respectable position,
  • sit in the midst of many books or in a big library wander around: unaware fear of prespiritual excessive demand or too much stress,
  • philosophical books read: Honour and wisdom,
  • good books read: means that you will own luck, ability and wisdom in your action,
  • study in it: means that big honour is given to you, – now from all recollections and examination there originates new,
  • learn from it: you will win esteem,
  • inherit: Loss of a friend,
  • read a novel: Joy,
  • write a book: Discontent in the professional life, – one would like to write his ‘life script’ anew,
  • shop: you will find out new, – one brings himself and other use,
  • receive given: pleasant news,
  • see binding: your prosperity increases,
  • see burning: you lose friends,
  • he will have

  • Seeing an author that his books are printed difficulties to publish them.
  • invest a lot of time and trouble for the solution of complicated subjects and the deeper meaning of big works: Signs for well-earned honour,
  • children with the book reading observe: stands for harmony and well educated children,
  • old books see: warns about bad things of all kind.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : Book

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