Bone dream dictionary


Bone dream dictionary

Bone – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Structure, – clarity, – prop. Question: – What supports me? Where do I look for support?


The bones form the scaffolding of the body and are signs for the experiences, views, settings and behaviour patterns of the dreaming. If they play a role in the dream, this requires as a rule from the dreaming to get clarity about that at what he looks as his basic substance. He must return ‘to the elementary’. If the bones are still pliable in the dream and are young, this concludes by the adaptability and capacity for development of the dreaming as well as his spiritual mobility. If the bones are stiff against it and rotten, is this one warning to become not stiff-apt and ossified, not to lose the liveliness. To dream of a skeleton, points to the fact that the dreaming should think over the structure of his life. Because they belong to the skeleton of the person, they can conclude in the figurative sense by the spine. Who sees only the bones in arms and legs, something uncovers which was earlier important to him, or he has ‘no pluck in the bone’, cannot assert himself. And who gnaws off which, to that an expensive time stands in the house, however, the vision possibly points also to much too big thrift.



Bones are an important component of the human body. Often they are the key to the interests of death and resurrection.



  • see or own: heavy work get, – one wants to plunder you, – (43, 82)
  • gnaw at it: Worry about the everyday bread, – also: Unemployment, – you have big losses,
  • bite to pieces: you master a very heavy work by energy,
  • of skeletons see: you will be struck by need and desperation,
  • collect: by thrift you will reach to prosperity,
  • cook: one gets out the last of you,
  • break: Loss of friends, lovers,
  • burn: Sadness approaches you, – death.


  • human bones point to an inheritance, animal ones send a reminder to care in shops, fish bones remind the dreaming not to neglect his body. (Woman

+ / man +)

(European ones).:

  • see a lot of (mountain): if high and healthy age tells in, also much ‘rock-hard’ work with salary,
  • a few see: Failure and lack of money,
  • human ones see: big need will come up on one,
  • see rising from the skin: Intrigues are spun against one,
  • gnaw at it: points to food worries on grounds of material worries, – also: laborious work, the hardly success brings,
  • accuse the dogs: one will do good to a person, but harvest ingratitude,
  • a dog who eats a bone: hear more on your basic instincts,
  • of corpses see: if big need tells in,
  • see an osseous heap: one is threatened by hunger and injurious influence,
  • chop: Danger to suffer hunger
  • crossed bones: the bad influence will prepare more different for an annoyance, and the view of prosperity is not very promising,
  • crossed bones as a monogram on an anonymously sent invitation for the burial: means that one puts up with unnecessary fears because of a person, – the cruel events which bring to a nevertheless good will stamp in it.
  • find: points to some essentials at which one has not looked in a certain situation,
  • see as a mark: points to a secret which one should ventilate.


  • gnaw at it: in your work a sudden shutdown,
  • occurs

  • see: a secret is revealed to you,
  • burn: you worry about your loves.

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