Belly dream dictionary


Belly dream dictionary

Belly – Dream Symbol Interpretation

The ‘kitchen’ of the life into which – translates – the experiences of the everyday life processes, are digested. Belly can sometimes appear in body-conditioned dreams as a result of an illness which must still cause no discomfort in the awake state, or point to wrong eating habits which can endanger our health. Nevertheless, the belly is often to be interpreted as a symbol for Körperlichkeit, sensuousness, sexuality or the material things of the life.

  • The greater he works, the is controlled more one by such needs or is pointed out the more urgently to the fact that one may not suppress them so strongly.
  • the belly also indicates

  • Now and again that one should (digest) the edged out experiences which load unconsciously, finally, to processed ones. Maybe one should also live more ‘instinctively’, stand i.e. to his needs without questioning them constantly after her sense.
  • The attention of the dreaming is steered on the feelings of a person if he perceives his belly in the dream consciously.
  • a sunken belly and hunger feelings signal that one is sensually dissatisfied.
  • If in the dream the belly of the dreaming is blown up, then needs of the psychic relief in the form of a rage outbreak or an open conversation.
  • however,

  • a repellent thick belly, Völlegefühl and nausea point to surfeit, sexual Übersättigung or quite in general to excesses. Then are a matter as a warning sign of restraining itself.
  • a nice, smooth belly and the feeling to be full, but to have eaten not too much, a sign is for physical sexülle satisfaction, however, can express also the wish for it.
  • Also as a symbol for fertility (pregnancy) to indicate. If women draw the belly (he with narrow clothes ‘in the dream in form hold’ etc.), the fear of unintentional pregnancy often lies behind – or the wish for intensely lived sexuality.


Because it is the seat of the solar plexus, the belly is a vital centre. He mostly indicates sensuousness and sexual passions.



  • Dreaming one, his belly has become fatter and bigger, household and possession will grow, the body fullness immediately, – the belly has become thin and of slight build, the dreamer with satisfaction will be released from worries and supernumerary house servants.
  • he will have to fight

  • Tormenting somebody a stomach colic, at home with need and worries.
  • Dreaming one, his belly has burst and there is no hope for healing, he will leave behind shortly and without leaving a testament family and possession.
  • thickly growing: passing worry,
  • see very thick: plentiful salary,
  • thin growing: Strife, – one should omit from all ventures,
  • more fully: Satisfaction and luck follow the giving way worries.
  • more blank: You go towards to bitter and heavy days, if it carries and do not forget that everything changes and follows after active sunshine.

(European ones).:

  • see: contemporary views crowd in the foreground,
  • a healthy belly promises morbid desires,
  • on him lie: the health will suffer a loss,
  • big, thick, full ones have or see: Property increase, – money, profits, salaries, – also: the sensuous wishes are big,
  • morbidly more swollen: prophesies bad illnesses,
  • thinner, more blank: indicates losses, – now capital losses, – raised risk readiness and too many ventures would be extremely unfavorable, – also: one should take his eating habits once more exactly under the magnifying glass,
  • one sees

  • on the belly a little bit moving, points to degradation and hard work.


  • The belly, the body parts surrounding him and everything in him enclosed mean of the person wealth and children.
  • Dreaming somebody, his belly has unusually occurred, this prophesies the death of children and lack of finances.
  • Being the belly, however, become really thick and without illness tumidly, the dreamer will generate many children and have money to burn.
  • Seeming it one, his belly would be blown up, really, however, blank, he himself will be desperately poor, seem to the people, however, richly.
  • Dreaming one, he suffers hunger, he will be extremely diligent and be blest according to his hunger with all temporal goods.
  • he will getHaving somebody which feels hungry itself full eaten, presently everything for what he strives longingly and asks.

  • If one, the thirst suffers, him with water has satisfied, he becomes, if this is chill, sweet and clear, live delightfully and in joys and the money to bushels, – however, the water is dirty, tepid and bitter, he will end in misery, bitterness and illness his life.
  • thickly: is careful in talks,
  • thin: one acts to you wrong.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : Belly

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