Beer dream dictionary


Beer dream dictionary

Beer – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Beer bliss, – refreshment. Question: – What must I see looser?


Beer signals a steadfast internal rest and (colloquially one says calmness also the beer rest) which comes from self-assurance and harmony with itself. Nevertheless, one should check whether one has become too phlegmatic not maybe. Several full glasses are an expression for the satisfaction with the life. However, one or several empty beer glasses often indicate the unaware longing for society.




  • symbolised joy of life and sociability,
  • make (are brewing): A lot is unclear, you must have patience. After a short time, however, everything will turn to the good.
  • see a full one: one will not be able to complain about his state of health,
  • of somebody get given and drink: One will talk you into something to deflect you. Danger!
  • see the bright: you get a letter,
  • drink the bright: you must kerbs your desires, – also: Profit,
  • see the murky or drink: Illness, need, frustration and annoyance,
  • dark, good beer: good income has,
  • empty beer glass: warns about trust blisses towards people who do not earn it,
  • fill (pour out): a forthcoming festivity, – you know about what it is you are on the alert so nothing more stands to your luck in the way.
  • bury: Frustration and Widerwärtigkeit, – one will lose won again.

(European ones).:

  • beer and mead are since time immemorial symbols of rest and health,
  • fresh beer drink without it to bury: if good health and good salary announces,
  • drink in a bar: Disappointments,
  • observe a glass or somebody with the beer drinking: Intrigues will ruin your nicest hopes,
  • with somebody drink brotherhood: good and useful friends own or find,
  • for usual alcoholic: harmonious moments,
  • the schales beer which stopped in the glass: a friendship will go to the bending,
  • bury: Marriage or child baptism,
  • they stamp in

  • of stepping of incidents on, often in the reality.
  • only foam having: we sometimes deal it in our circle of acquaintances with foam racquets and show-offs.

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