Bedroom dream dictionary


Bedroom dream dictionary

Bedroom – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Privacy, rest, intimacy. Question: – Which is my internal reality?

In general:

Some dream action chooses to themselves the bedroom her stage. Bedroom dreams make a lot of intimate deliberate. Often becomes with what is presently a problem, sets back in the former parents’ bedroom, maybe because from there today effective destiny has taken his beginning. In the bedroom one is in the personal sphere, one is because one sleeps there, also in the personal unconscious. With us the bedroom shares who belongs to us and to which we belong. Therefore, bedroom dreams announce unspoken luck and grief of most dearly loving ones, a deeply hostile community. However, they are only dreamt if something which hangs together with the bedroom and his events is not in order.



Bedroom stands often for sexual wishes, – the warning before a disappointment is often connected with it. It is the space in which our sex life happens in which ours can slip I (in the dream) in another I. This room often indicates love suffering – above all if one sleeps with a person together whom one can suffer not really. If the bedroom is red (see there) laid out, points to sexual longings which were not fulfilled up to now. If one observes somebody in it, can point to carried too far curiosity or interference in foreign matters, – one is observed himself, one possibly comes to an embarrassing situation and is shown up. If one enters a foreign bedroom, one could step in the awake life to somebody in the intimate relations which has been reserved up to now. If a stranger gets into our cubicle, one penetrates in the life everyday life in our intimate area illegally. If we ourselves enter illegally a foreign bedroom, we look after the thought of a side jump.



  • see: the worries pass,
  • for single: one has the unaware wish not to be any more only,
  • hineinsteigen: you go forbidden ways,
  • are in it: you will feel a big weakness,
  • leave: your worries still continue,
  • clean: one will recognise your ordinal sense.

(European ones).:

  • in all forms sexually to understand, – one longs for not living any more only,
  • see during the early night hours: one will count on delays,
  • see in the dusk or the early morning hours: quickly incoming changes,
  • be see own: one will experience a disappointment,
  • see a foreign one: one will get to know somebody and step with him in closer respect,
  • be clear up own: one will have to be procured around results,
  • clear up a stranger: unintentionally one will come behind a secret private matter of another,
  • see a furnished one anew: it will change something to the good, – voyages and pleasant society,
  • the more luxurious see as the own: Change of the living conditions to the better,
  • eavesdrop on somebody in it: in a thing one will not come on his calculation,
  • are eavesdropped in it: one becomes the victim of an indiscretion,
  • see entering into his one stranger: one will get in an embarrassing embarrassment,
  • enter themselves unsolicited into that of another: one will move somebody into an embarrassing situation.


  • see: pleasant family life, – dear pleasure,
  • get by the window: you are up to bad person,
  • clean: you are anxious of your health.

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