Bank dream dictionary


Bank dream dictionary

Bank – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Preservation of resources. Question: – What would like I to bring in security or keep certainly?


The financial, mental or spiritual resources of the dreaming require careful attention. Here the fear of negative external conditions probably plays a role. In any case, it is a reminder to concentrate his strength and not to cling too much to external values. The feel for security without which the person is not able to do in the world hinauswagen must be properly used and be observed. Bank (as a financial institution) can symbolise material influence, power, authority and sexual male power, warns maybe also about the abuse of these qualities with which one should handle more economically and more responsibly.

    however, this points out

  • Connecting the dreaming with the bank an image of security, to success, trust and confidence, can signal also the wish for it.
  • the dreaming of the bank with mistrust or refusal faces, this means that his assurance is shaken, he is unsafe or has sexual inhibitions. The latter interpretation also applies if the dreaming enters the bank reluctantly or is served unkindly.
  • it is

  • a sign of propelling buildups, feeling of inferiority and existential fears if a loan is refused to the person in the dream, she gets no money or a bank robbery determines the dream action. On this occasion, it plays no role whether the dreaming attacks the bank himself or is involved only in the raid.
  • break in a bank, circumscribes the convulsive attempt to remain at the height of his Ichs, sometimes also the wish, to seem more than one is to own more values than one has in reality.
  • bank is often interpreted as energy headquarters from which one can remove the forces for the coping – also of the dear work-. A blocked account is interpreted analogously in addition as a barrier of the internal energy.
  • Who removes money at a bank, strength gets for the everyday life from his inside world.
  • Who deposits there money or deposits, takes back energy which he has invested earlier in infertile connections, again.


A bank points to a sure spiritual space.



  • in general: Speculations can go out on two sides, – the wish of a quiet old age will save by fullly, one must raise only the necessary energy moreover, – (53, 25)
  • the sight of such or from bank notes: refers to a deterioration of the financial situation, – the biggest care is right with some speculations,
  • enter: Your property lies in good hands. Your luck is protected.
  • deal in the same: Grief and worry,
  • deposit money: a long-preserved wish will come soon true,
  • leave: Is not careless. Also the biggest love dies if it is not examined.

(European ones).:

    one removes

  • in the bank money, maybe financial losses,
  • threaten

  • with the singular of money wishes will come true probably,
  • the employment in a bank indicates favorable future trends,
  • see general: warns about swindlers and Schwindeleien, – business transactions should be shifted on later, otherwise failures and capital loss could enter,
  • change there money: Profits,
  • commercial losses, mean

  • free cashiers
  • golden coins are economical negligence,
  • promises big profits, receive meant

  • golden coins
  • see silver: good shops, – honour and prosperity grow,
  • bank notes see: Deterioration of the financial situation,
  • be bankrupt: one will soon find solutions for his problems,


  • does not have immediately too much trust to every person, otherwise, bad experiences approach.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Bank

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