ballroom dream meaning


A beautiful and sparkling ballroom – dream foretells you pleasure.
A ballroom full of dancing people – it bodes well for you.
Empty ballroom – an omen of disappointments awaiting you.

Ballroom : Dream Meaning and Interpretation

  • When you dream that you are present in the ballroom, you are foretold of special happiness.
  • If you visit the ballroom, it promises great pleasure for you.
  • When you dream that you are in a ballroom in the company, you are foretelling romance and making difficult decisions.
  • If you can see the ballroom, it portends that you will soon be present at the engagement and wedding reception.
  • Dancing in the ballroom announces your engagement and wedding.

What does it mean when you dream about Ballroom?

Dreaming that you are on the floor, dancing in Ballroom style indicates a deep inner grace and sends the message to trust yourself more.


Your life is unfolding as it should and any changes that you desire to make will potentially go well at this time. Having faith in yourself is sometimes the hardest task of all but a dream of ballroom dancing signifies that you have every reason to, as you are naturally moving with the flow.

To dream that you are clumsy on the floor indicates that you may be feeling over anxious about your next move and need to relax and let yourself take the next step despite your fear.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : Ballroom

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