Baloon dream dictionary


Baloon dream dictionary

Baloon – Dream Symbol Interpretation

A dream. Here the unconsciousness forges escape plans – one wants to escape from the topical situation, one as a restricting felt or numb life phase, best ‘silently’, break out of a respect, avoid the control more different, rise about everything what one feels than restriction. The captive balloon and hot-air balloon verbildlicht our taking off and points at the same time to adventurousness. At the same time he gets us an overview about our situation. Because we rise in the air, and are moved by the wind, our intellectual side is also demanded with this dream symbol. Often it is in the dream a trial balloon. Also: The translation of the brief in our life, the picture of the hunting after the luck with which one does not know whether the wind stands just favorable. Balloon can also have a similar meaning like a ball.

  • If he floats without connection with the ground in the air, is shaken maybe still by the wind, warns often about plans to be booted up with which one loses the ground of the reality under the feet and must experience, therefore, problems.
  • Gliding the balloon quietly about a nice scenery, besides, one wins a better overview about the next future which will probably run favourably.
  • a burstting balloon can symbolise pent-up annoyance which will discharge explosively or the burst soap bubble – hope which does not come true.
  • a red balloon can symbolise own uniqueness and the feeling to stand out from the mass.



  • see general: points to ideas and experiences,
  • see rising: a profit,
  • escapes you

  • see flying: your hopes were wrong,
  • see falling: your plans will fail,
  • with him fly by the air: one has lost the real ground under the feet,
  • hold: The success and the luck hang on a thread, is careful, so that you do not lose both.

(European ones).:

  • see: one experiences a big disillusionment, – one will produce good ideas or even can make an invention,
  • fly away even with a balloon: one goes away from accessible sighting and loses ground, – also: one refrains and looks at the things with mind and chill head,
  • one with gas to full ones see burstting: somebody will be rightly furiously on one.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Balloon

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