balcony dream meaning


A balcony in dreams means a willingness to open up to the outside world and keep a safe distance.

This dream also has other meanings, including sexual, which means femininity and desire, and a part of the body that protects life and health.


Balcony dream meaning

balcony dream meaning

Stand on the balcony

The dream that you are standing alone on the balcony symbolizes your melancholic nature.

It means that you are a dreamer at heart and that others often take advantage of your shyness and gullibility. A dream can also mean that you are waiting for something or someone to help you change yourself and your life a bit.

A dream where you see yourself standing on a balcony with another person and saying goodbye to someone may mean that you are approaching a breakup, divorce, or separation. This dream also means that you may receive bad news about friends or acquaintances who may be trying to cut you off.

If you are standing on the balcony with your lover, it means that there are disagreements and tensions between you that can lead to a breakup or separation. If you care about the relationship, start working in its favor.

Someone is standing on the balcony

Dreaming of watching someone standing on your balcony may mean that you want or plan to meet someone who will be sympathetic and helpful to you. Are you searching for a friend, soul mate, or maybe a lover?

You stand on the balcony and watch

To dream of standing on a balcony and watching people walk below is a sign of a change in your love life. This means that you are about to start a new relationship.

balcony in our dream

You sleep on the balcony

A dream in which you see yourself lying or sleeping on a balcony is a sign of good vibes in your life. Indicates peace and complete understanding of other people.

Jump from the balcony

To dream of jumping from a balcony without an injury means victory, e.g., you will come out unscathed from a difficult situation that has caused great suffering and has hurt you.

If you get injured – your efforts will not bring positive results. You have to try a different tactic.

Fall from the balcony

The dream of falling from the balcony symbolizes separation from a loved one due to work or travel.

However, it would be wise not to break the ties because you will soon be reunited with her. Better prepare your partner for this event in advance, and everything will turn out fine.

Sleeping can also mean going through a period of uncertainty and instability. Internal balance is not your forte. Pay attention to the consequences of your actions.

If you are trying to jump from a balcony in a dream, it may mean running away from your fears.

A child falling off the balcony

It can be scary to see a child fall off the balcony.


Sleep warns you to closely observe and guard your children or the child entrusted to you. The dream can also affect the baby of your relatives or friends. You may also be asked for support or financial help from the parents of a child.

Glazed balcony

Dreaming of standing on a glass balcony or placing a glass panel on a balcony indicates that your posture makes you seem careful. You are not showing the world your true self.

drem interpretatoin balcony

Painting or repairing the balcony

To dream of painting or renovating a balcony is a sign of positive changes that are about to occur in your life. For example, it means moving from a boring job to an exciting one. This change will make you feel very excited and happy.

Destroyed balcony

A dream about a broken balcony, potentially life-threatening, is a warning so that you should be more careful about what is happening to you, do not risk it.

Take care of yourself and the people around you. Do you feel that someone is destroying your life – maybe it is worth withdrawing from such a person? Such a dream can also mean that you feel insecure and do not trust others.

Consider whether everything in your life is going in the appropriate direction. Will you not be in danger of a catastrophe?

A balcony in your home

Dreaming of a balcony in your own home (even if you don’t have a patio in your waking life) is good news.

This is a sign that you have earned respect and admiration from other people. This worship can be a direct result of your success. This may mean that you are about to advance and thus gain the respect of others.


Balcony belonging to others

Dreaming of observing someone’s balcony symbolizes the anxiety and dissatisfaction you feel about your boring love life.

This indicates that you are investigating options for emphasizing or enhance your romantic nature.

A very long balcony

A dream of standing on a long balcony may indicate that you are the recipient of empty promises.

It makes you feel depressed, and this situation is a source of regret and harm to you.

The dream interpretation suggests that such a dream may also mean that you want to be seen or that you would like to show yourself to others. You are willing to take a chance.

Balcony in a high-rise building

Standing on a balcony in a tall building such as a skyscraper symbolizes fear and uncertainty.

Uncertainty is a direct result of too much responsibility on your shoulders, combined with great fears for your well-being and position in life.

This may be due to reduced confidence in your abilities when fulfilling your commitments.


You enter through the balcony

The dream of going to the balcony to break into the house should be a warning.

It indicates that you may face serious challenges that can profoundly impact your life and require an appropriate approach.

Sleeping can also mean that you like to compare yourself to others, and trying to force yourself into them can be dangerous.

You come down from the balcony

A dream about trying to go down from a balcony, e.g., on a rope, is a symbol of difficulties and unforeseen events or circumstances that may cause obstacles on your way. They can also cause unnecessary delays in your plans.

Empty balcony

The dream of looking at an empty balcony should be taken as a warning. Indicates that your partner or spouse may be unfair to you or is hiding treason? Perhaps he is planning to end your relationship. A calm and honest conversation is advisable.

Balcony full of people

If you are standing among people on the balcony, such a dream means that you need support that only friendship can give you.

If you stand to the side of the crowd, a dream may mean that you are not comfortable with others and are trying to isolate yourself.

Balcony full of flowers

This dream means that whatever you are about to do will be welcomed. A time of peace and harmony, as well as rest, has come in your life.


Other meaning of balcony dream symbol

Balcony dream dictionary
Balcony – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – View, – seeing or are seen. Question: – What would like I to observe from a sure vantage point? How would like I to present myself to the world?


It is not only a house symbol which points to the motherly one, the female breast, on the Hergeschenkte for which one expects no later revenge – or while maybe suppressed sexual needs in it are expressed. He is also guaranteed a symbol for a sure place in the close sphere, the still view and overview (= control about other).

Do you have well disguised power cravings? Presumably – if you must risk, besides, not overmuch. If one dreams of the fact that one is on a balcony, then one strives for a higher rank or more power than one holds presently, in particular when one delivers a speech (see under this headword) from the balcony.

It can also register that one probably is openly for new interpersonal relations. If one stands in the dream under a balcony, this shows that the dreaming is aware of the prestige need of his people. He meets his people with too much respect. The collapsing balcony registers that one must probably bury hopes.


  • Who dreams that he is raised in any manner his spiritual competence or his progress at spiritual level recognises.


  • in general: Expression for something superfluous which can be a waste – warns about the possibility of a fall of it,
  • see: One shows you a possibility to receive a better position.
  • enter: your luck possibilities widen,
  • stand on it: your love finds reply, – one will improve his position in the life,
  • see another person on it: one may be glad about the reunion with a dear person,
  • leave: you are forced into a corner and must add small.

European ones

  • see: if a new friendship mostly announces – Li> stands in man’s dreams mostly for erotic wishes,
  • stand on it and wave to a countersexual person: the love is answered, – luck promises in the quite existing or new love,
  • stand on it and wave to a same-sexual person: one finds a good companion,
  • sit on it: Their quick recovery will be delayed,
  • stand on it: your current social position in the life improves,
  • leave: it will be good in spite of obstacles everything,
  • recognise another person on a balcony: one may be glad about a hearty reunion with a dear person,
  • one see collapsing or cofall: one must bury numerous hopes,
  • of dismissing to themselves lovers sadly on a balcony, final separations can follow.


  • you should change your position, one misjudges you.
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