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One interprets bacon as ham or pig. Now and again he announces that the ‘fat years’ are past, – then one must count on efforts and worries. The bacon also warns about too much egoism and indicates your Dick’s maturity.


One should not exaggerate this. With bacon one catches mice, but in the rarest case men of dreams. And this is why it goes in the women’s dream: One ‘wants to lose weight’ and with a new ‘appearance’ entice somebody – maybe even impress.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Bacon



  • see: you will go on a dangerous way,
  • shop: you make a good deal,
  • sell: you will starve,
  • eat: a contented life lead, – you have achieved your aim,
  • see eating: would be roofed more on your health, by moderate food,
  • cut: Bereavement, – also: an operation,
  • let out: provide for the future, – you think of your age.

(European ones).:

  • stands often concerning pig, – means, for the rest, a thick fur, insensitiveness, – the egoism asserts itself,
  • see: warns about egoistic Lockungen more different, – also: Somebody does not earn, profited by our success. If one does not prevent it, one will suffer from it.
  • see thick bacon: a thick fur is sometimes quite helpful, however, with you the pure egoism,
  • predominates

  • shop: a disadvantageous sign concerning the health,
  • eat: one will succumb unintentionally to a Lockung, – is a good omen if somebody also eats him with one together, – with clean hands: a warning, one should live a little more moderately and pay attention to the health,
  • rancid bacon: points to a slow perceptive facility and unfavorable situation,
  • pickle bacon: if is a bad sign if salt and smoke are still visible if not, it is positive.


  • eat: a high Gönner will die.

Bacon - dream interpretation and meaning
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