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Asthma usually symbolizes the birth of a new life. A baby will be born in or around your home.

It will have a positive effect on your life. It can mean anxiety, fear or worry caused by embarrassing or inconvenient circumstances. Among people with asthma, sleep may suggest a visit to a specialist.


Usually in such a dream we feel a great breathlessness that may seem to us that it is actually happening. If sleep occurs among sick people, then we should calm down and isolate ourselves from the stressful, debilitating lifestyle.

All dreams of trouble due to illness indicate real difficulties. Asthma often appears in the dreams of healthy people, who are almost suffocating under the burden of duties and problems, cannot develop, may also be oversensitive, react allergically, figuratively of course.

Asthma attacks in sleep are those common in children who have overprotective mothers who frighten them and hinder their development. In grandma’s dream book, this symbol means that you should revise your plans and avoid speculation and unnecessary risk, otherwise you will not achieve the same profits as you expect. Dreams of asthma may portend the discovery of treason and possible revenge.

In some cases, the dream that we are suffering from an asthma attack is due to the fact that our lungs are not actually working as they should. Therefore, it is recommended to visit a doctor to assess the condition of our respiratory system and rule out any anomalies. Dreaming of asthma may also indicate that we are overwhelmed by the pressure from our superiors. Parents, teachers or bosses do not allow us to make mistakes.

We must understand that we need to learn from our own experiences, otherwise it will be difficult for us to face the challenges of life in the future. Dreams that a loved one has an asthma attack suggest that we will soon be worried about the situation of a family member or other loved one. It is necessary to establish whether we can recognize this person in a dream, because his appearance or gestures will show us who he is talking about. If you have asthma and you dream that you are having an attack, it is a physiological signal and it means you should see a doctor.

If, on the other hand, you are healthy, and you still dream about this symbol, it may be a signal from your subconscious mind that your mind is too heavily burdened by various types of problems you are struggling with, and is not coping with the burden of duties.


It prevents it from developing properly, or it may result in overly strong reactions that you will not be able to control. Asthma can also herald the birth of a new baby in your immediate family, and it is certain that your baby will have a strong impact on your entire future life. If, on the other hand, asthma occurs in a child’s dream, it means that he is trapped in front of an overprotective mother, which triggers uncontrollable fears in him. In the symbolism of dreams, asthma is a momentary shortness of breath, a moment when we do not have the strength to act, we need a breath of life, it is like the moment after a great challenge when we still feel its effort and here comes the next one, which is no less difficult.

Asthma is a symbol of ailments that limit us, but which we can deal with if we separate work from home so that one does not burden the other. You have to understand where the problem lies within us and solve it. Asthma that affects someone close to us in our dreams is often the result of our overprotection when awake over that person, which causes anxiety and disturbance of mutual relations.

This is a sign to let someone breathe, stop embarrassing him, let him be himself, live his own life and not yours, which does not mean worse relationships.

The importance of sleep asthma

Have asthma

you disregard a matter that will turn out to be very important to you, have a specialist appointment, you are suffocating in your relationship.

Fight asthma

a dream should be read as advice to rethink one’s behavior.


See a person with asthma

warning against thoughtless action, you will understand what your problem is

Association: – Loss of the emotional security. Question: – To which part of myself want I to give in future more allowance?


Asthma can appear in the dream with ill attack manner, – then it concerns a body-conditioned dream which is based on illnesses of the respiratory tract or the heart which must be examined thoroughly. All dreams of physical interference because of an illness point to real difficulties, but somebody who suffers from asthma, will dream rather of being able to breathe freely, than from his illness. Asthma often registers in dreams of healthy people that they almost suffocate under the load of her duties and problems, cannot develop any more, maybe also too oversensitive (allergically in the figurative sense) react. This can refer above all to authority’s fears. Own arguments are not accepted. With children attacks of asthma seem in the dream (however, also in the reality) often by a wrong education with Überbehütung by the mother who frightens them and hinders her development.


(European ones).:

  • a preferential pattern turns out not so gainful as as you have expected it. Revise your plans and avoid all speculations and risks.

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