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To dream that he somehow takes ownership of a donkey means that he will solve his problems.

The dream of trying to kill a donkey indicates that our affairs are starting to worsen and that soon the difficulties will increase.


To dream of being kicked by a donkey means that we are either dealing poorly with our affairs or that they are cloudy and illegal, which will naturally lead to very bad results.

This is a warning dream.Dreaming of one or more donkeys indicates problems resulting from one’s own mistakes, perhaps by being deceived or pretending to be merely illusory, chimerical goals, which in some cases can lead to legal problems – if the donkey is very dark or black during sleep; on the other hand, when white appears, it means problems will be resolved favorably, as white symbolizes intelligence and equality.

To dream that a donkey is licking our faces indicates that the hypocrites are those who say they are our friends.

The dream of driving a donkey implies that energy and time are unnecessarily wasted trying to avoid the sneaky attacks of opponents.

A lover who dreams of pulling a stubborn donkey who refuses to walk indicates that he unconsciously knows that the motive of his passion causes him a serious problem; but if the donkey walks easily, it means that the dreamer is coping correctly with all his affairs and that he will eventually succeed in what he is trying to do.

The dream of sleeping donkeys implies that we will only achieve business and recognition after some time.


A donkey is a symbol of patience that can be related to the dreamer himself, that is, it can exaggerate one’s own patience in front of problems that require dynamism.

For women, this dream is often a warning that they should not exhaust the patience of those around her.

To dream of one or more donkeys loaded with groceries indicates that even the expected news and thanks will eventually come.

When we dream that we are being chased by a frightened donkey, he announces that the dreamer will soon become a victim of slander.

The dream of riding a donkey suggests that there will be lawsuits soon.

This is a warning to avoid them.

Falling off a donkey means business losses.

To dream of a donkey running for no reason means that there will be failure soon, if the dreamer tries to stop it, it means slander, if the animal is braided – it foreshadows slander and trouble.


When the donkey is white, it portends good news, if it is black it is a sign of bad news and unpleasantness, if it appears gray it means infidelity and betrayal of friends, when it appears red it means hidden evil.

Dreaming of dead donkeys indicates a bad environment or atmosphere.

This is a warning against negative practices.

To dream of riding people as biblical donkey prophets means that the dreamer makes wrong and unfair judgments about others, which will cause him problems.

In the event that those who ride donkeys are the people of the present day, it implies that the dreamer’s friend is in a difficult situation and is seeking help.

The dream that a distant donkey is heard suggests that someone in the family is about to die and that it is likely that heirs will face strong lawsuits.

When we dream of a very happy donkey ride, it suggests that soon it will be fun and short journeys.

The same dream for a woman suggests that her desire to excel in society will become a reality in a short time.


The dream to drink donkey milk indicates rare whims and quirks.

To see an ass in your dream indicates that there is an issue or situation in your life that you don’t fully comprehend. It may also mean that you will be experiencing frustrations and minor upsets in the near future.
To see an ass carrying a burden in your dream indicates that you will finally succeed in work as well as in relationships; but only after much time and effort.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Ass

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