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Dreams about airports can have a variety of different interpretations because they can be influenced by personal experiences, emotions, and unconscious desires.

Here are a few common interpretations:

  • Departure and transition: Airports are often associated with departure, travel, and new beginnings, and in dreams they can symbolize a time of transition, change, and movement. This could reflect a desire for a change of scenery, a need for a fresh start, or a desire for a new chapter in life.
  • Adventure and excitement: Airports can also symbolize adventure, excitement, and the thrill of travel. In dreams they can reflect a desire for excitement, new experiences, or a sense of exploration. This could reflect a desire for growth, change, or a need to expand one’s horizons.
  • Nervousness and uncertainty: Airports can also be a source of anxiety and uncertainty, as they often involve waiting, delays, and unexpected events. In dreams they can reflect feelings of uncertainty, nervousness or a sense of the unknown. This may reflect a need to face fears or anxieties, or to confront uncertainties in one’s life.
  • Connections and relationships: Airports are also hubs of connections and relationships, as people come and go, interact, and form new relationships. In dreams they can symbolize relationships, connections and the importance of human interactions. This could reflect a desire for deeper connections or a need to prioritize relationships in one’s life.
  • Goals and aspirations: Airports are often associated with travel and movement, and in dreams they can symbolize a journey toward a goal or aspiration. This could reflect a desire to reach a certain destination, to achieve a certain goal, or to pursue one’s dreams.

It’s important to remember that the interpretation of a dream about an airport depends on the individual’s personal experiences and emotions related to the airport. If you have a dream about an airport, consider the context of the dream, your feelings and emotions, and your personal experiences with airports to help you understand its meaning. In addition, it’s important to recognize that dreams are often influenced by unconscious thoughts and desires and may not always reflect your true feelings or beliefs.

airport dream symbol

Dream about airport

It is difficult to clearly interpret the dream about the airport and to say whether its symbolism is positive or not. However, one thing is certain – in both cases, such a fantasy foretells changes in life, and even the beginning of a completely new chapter.

Perhaps a new acquaintance, job, challenge or other surprises are on the horizon? So, depending on the whole context of the dream, such a symbol can be interpreted in different ways. Moreover, in dreambooks, the airport can also mean a warning against something or someone.

What does the airport symbolize in the dreambook?

The airport is associated with great excitement about traveling, excitement before the arrival of something long-awaited. It is at the airport that you say goodbye and hello to loved ones or friends, or set out to find a new adventure. Therefore, waiting for a plane in a dream can mean that changes in life are coming – it is only important to take the right direction. Perhaps it will be a new job, another relationship or a new place to live. Such a dream heralds the arrival of a breakthrough stage in life and, at the same time, the closing of the existing one, especially if the fantasy treats of landing at an airport. The takeoff of the plane, on the other hand, expresses the beginning of a new adventure. Such a dream is therefore a kind of encouragement to rethink certain things and put them back together. It is a sign of the beginning of an undertaking.


Meeting someone at the airport also symbolizes impending changes. Such a dream means that in the near future you will meet someone thanks to whom your fate will completely change.

An airplane also means getting high, so a dream about it can mean a path to a new life. Thus, the symbolism of the airport in the dreambook suggests to open yourself to what destiny may bring.


To see oneself in a dream at an airport, on the other hand, may indicate rocking in the clouds. It may mean that the person to whom such a fantasy occurs does not stand firmly on the ground and does not show common sense in certain situations. Therefore, it is a sign to become realistic and put aside great desires that cannot be fulfilled.

The dream about the airport (arrivals and departures) can also be interpreted as a symbol of birth (expansion of the family) and death.

airport dream symbol

An unlucky dream is one in which the road to the airport is full of unpleasant surprises. So there may be inconveniences on it that slow down getting there or unfavorable people blocking the route. In the dreambook, an airport that is difficult to get to means that obstacles may occur when making important decisions or achieving an intended goal, which may even become unattainable.

A similar, negative message, carries a dream in which you are waiting for a delayed plane. This can be a prediction of certain problems in the professional or private field.

A crash at the airport, on the other hand, can mean some emotional upheaval, disappointment or even shock. It can also herald a nervous breakdown or a sudden deterioration in health. Therefore, such a fantasy is a kind of warning that something bad may happen, which will affect further life. In this sense, the airport signifies changes that are negative in nature.

Airport and airplane as symbols of change according to the dreambook

Many people are afraid to fly on an airplane. However, just as many want to travel to distant countries, which can only be reached by such means of transport. This conflict makes the trip a great experience, but also a challenge. Deciding to do it, you can overcome existing fears and, moreover, catch a real bug for moving around the world. The sight of an airport in a dream with lots of machines is a harbinger of new challenges. Crowded arrival and departure areas are a sign of great ambitions, but also expectations. Abandoned runways, on the other hand, symbolize postponing plans, abandoning them for a while. They can also be an indication that someone’s actions are a road to nowhere and point to the need to change them.

The interpretation of the dream about getting lost at the airport is also interesting. Such a fantasy is a kind of reference to the fear that may arise before taking a step or before making an important decision that will affect one’s future fate. It also indicates indecision about whether or not one wants to start the next stage in life and finish the previous one. The symbol in this case can refer to professional plans, but also to the emotional sphere. Perhaps someone has long been carrying around the idea of breaking off a relationship or changing jobs, but is afraid to take on such a challenge.


Waiting for the flight, on the other hand, will be a sign of readiness to take radical measures that will facilitate the achievement of the desired goal.

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