In matters of exchange or flow of information with an uncertain source, it is better to refrain from premature judgments.

Sometimes someone seemingly nice can only take advantage of us for their own purposes.


In situations involving rivalry, it is better to keep a cool head than to give up in time.
behold – beware of underhanded proposals, as they can quickly prove fatal to you

  • TV commercial – don’t put all your cards in front of a man who is not completely honest with you
  • advertisement on the radio – you will meet someone secretly, which will make your life change
  • advertisement in the newspaper – you will not come to an agreement with people with a different point of view
  • work in advertising – you will be deceived by a person who wants to be in the limelight at all costs
  • advertise something – it will be difficult for you to come to an agreement with someone with whom you have been fighting for a long time.

Dream about advertising

The purpose of advertising is to sell something If you dream that you are impressed by an advertisement or you create it yourself, it is a sign of your great ambitions and a sign that you have high goals.

Dream meaning advertising

Very important for the interpretation of this dream is also what is being advertised and under what circumstances it takes place. Is the advertisement clear to you, the merchandise advertised is impressive, or does it have an unskillfully worded message?

The dream alludes to your need for recognition. If in the dream you yourself are the subject of an advertisement, it is a sign that you need to be more open to action.

If your friends appear in the ad, it is a sign that they can help you with your plans.

A newspaper ad may refer to your way of doing things, and a TV commercial may refer to your way of thinking.


You should relate the information retained from the dream to your mood.

The meaning of the dream ADVERTISEMENT in other cultures and Dreambooks:

Advertise dream dictionary
Advertise – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Mystic Dreambook:

  • This dream may foretell illusory hopes and shallow joys, followed by great disappointment. It may mean that you will hope for marriage, but it will not come to fruition.
  • If you read an advertisement in the newspaper, it foreshadows for you the courtship of someone with whom you are not connected on the surface.
  • The following advertisements are a good sign for you.
  • Reading advertisements heralds news for you.
  • Publishing advertisements means that you have someone to count on in a difficult situation and someone is looking out for you.

Dreambook Arabic:

  • This motif foretells success in life.
  • Reading advertisements foretells of you receiving good news, which may be a favorable offer.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Advertise

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